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Next-Generation 9-1-1 will improve PSAP capabilities

Learn how upgrading to IP-based systems with NG9-1-1 will help emergency dispatch centers receive and act on digital information.


Navigating the Journey to NG9-1-1 Services

When responding to an emergency situation, it is essential to have all the information needed to ensure the safety of citizens and first responders. Many 9-1-1 systems in place today are based on legacy infrastructure that limits a PSAP’s situational understanding. Next generation, IP-enabled technology allows PSAPs to access more accurate and detailed information, giving them access to texts, pictures and videos so they can dispatch the correct services for each situation.

The journey to NG9-1-1 can be technically challenging, but CenturyLink has partnered with industry leading public safety software companies like Comtech and West to simplify the delivery of NG9-1-1 services. CenturyLink can help municipalities and public safety organizations take advantage of the latest IP-based technologies to control infrastructure costs, reduce response times, provide real-time situational data and improve inter-agency communications and collaboration.

CenturyLink can help public safety organizations:
  • Ensure the safety of your community’s citizens and agency’s first responders
  • Provide your first responders with information they need to deliver the right response and aid during emergency situations
  • Stretch budgets to fund key services and resources
  • Develop a path to move towards the future of emergency response with Next-Generation 9-1-1
  • Create an effective plan to greater security and resiliency
  • Reduce your agency’s network operating costs
  • Modernize your aging infrastructure with innovative new technologies
  • Deliver new and advanced cloud services
  • Plug the gaps in filling skilled IT talent requirements and positions
  • Lower operational and maintenance costs that come from legacy infrastructure

CenturyLink Solutions for Public Safety

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Next-Generation 9-1-1 Service

CenturyLink’s NG9-1-1 solution is comprised of emergency services IP networks, IP-based software, application databases, and data management processes that are interconnected to Public Safety Answering Point premise equipment.

The integrated NG 9-1-1 solution from CenturyLink:

  • Routes to the appropriate emergency entity based on caller location
  • Uses available data elements and business policies to augment PSAP routing
  • Delivers geodetic and/or civic location information with the call back number
  • Supports transfer of calls to other NG9-1-1 capable PSAPs with accumulated data
  • Affords standardized interfaces for call and message services
  • Processes all types of emergency calls including non-voice (multi-media) messages
  • Acquires and integrates additional data useful to call routing and handling
  • Supports all E9-1-1 features and functions to meet current and emerging public safety needs
Leverage Our Technology Partnerships

CenturyLink has many strategic partnerships in place to provide our customers with the best framework, tools
and expertise for government implementations from some of the world’s best-in-class technology suppliers.

Forming Reliable Connections with Public Safety

CenturyLink has a well-established history and tradition of delivering secure, cost-effective IT solutions to public safety agencies.

CenturyLink offers solutions that have a proven track record to be effective for ensuring public safety. By carefully assessing an individual organization’s needs and taking into account its budget and time deadlines, CenturyLink successfully works with many public agencies to provide voice, network, infrastructure, cloud, security and application solutions that meet all of their specific needs.

CenturyLink helps public safety agencies by offering:  

  • 40+ year history serving the public safety sector and 911 services
  • A stable $90 million line-of-business serving public safety agencies
  • Community focus ingrained in CenturyLink’s guiding principles


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