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About Us

The CenturyLink Innovation Studio is our focused outreach to engage industry, academic and government collaborators. We facilitate communications leading to mutually beneficial technology transfer and commercialization opportunities.
The heart of our approach is to utilize a Networked Innovation process with internal and external teams in order to envision, develop, and incubate technology and product offerings that are focused on near-term and long-term strategic solutions.
The Team

Tom Barnett

Tom is Director of Innovation and Technology Scouting at CenturyLink. He leads and facilitates innovation-centered design projects across CenturyLink by acting as the entrepreneur-in-residence focused on finding and developing disruptive technologies.

One of Tom's main focuses is to lead and champion internal and external innovation efforts across CenturyLink. This is a unique role that requires the right blend of left-brain and right-brain skills and interests that combine technology with business and strategic rigor.

Philosophy: We're in the business of magic carpets.

Bob Morrill

Bob is Director of Innovation - Advanced Technologies at CenturyLink. In this role he leads his team to investigate, champion and drive emerging, strategic technologies.

Bob's team focus is centered around quickly identifying and readying new technologies that provide significant value to CenturyLink. A "get-it-done" attitude defines the team and deliverables. Evangelization is integral. Stakeholder partnering across the company is table stakes. Leadership is a must-have team skill.

Philosophy: Deliver advanced technologies our customers don't know they want...yet.

Stephen Opferman

Steve is Senior Director of Innovation and Technology development. In this role, he is responsible for all Strategic, Incumbent and Disruptive developments.

Innovation takes many forms. From the perspective of CenturyLink, the team's charter is to investigate, assess, characterize and drive those technologies which represent proven top line and/or bottom line change commensurate with architectural convergence and financial objectives.

Philosophy: Innovate at all times. Know your customer. Manage expectations. Deliver.