CenturyLink Challenge Series

Through our CenturyLink Innovation Challenges, you can engage in solving relevant problems by designing solutions to our ever-evolving technological needs.

Challenges will be judged and prizes awarded, and in some cases, winners can be eligible for financial assistance or even partnering opportunities.

Digital Transformation | 8/31/17
IoT - Smart Cities
IoT smart city image

Secure energy supplies, flexible mobility, energy-efficient building control: the requirements for a modern and sustainable infrastructure are growing. Digitalization enables the implementation of innovative solutions that make urban areas better places to live.

Our goal is to help cities evolve, and to offer them strategies and tools to ensure that they will become social, cultural and economic hubs.

A/V Reality | 8/31/17
Use of Augmented Reality in Sporting Events
Augmented or virtual reality image

We see the opportunity to expand user experiences at sporting events by the use of Augment Reality to add content and social interaction.

We are looking for disruptive solutions that create fantastic user experiences both at the sporting event and from remote locations - "just like being at the game".