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Data Made Available
and Secure
Keep mission-critical data secure and highly-available for enterprise databases, big data, and analytics.
Discover six distinct ways poor security can cost your business.
CenturyLink acquires Orchestrate to enhance cloud database capabilities. PRESS RELEASE
Prepared for Diverse Threats
CenturyLink supplies multi-layered security with best-in-class visibility and tracking.

It is tougher than ever to stay ahead of threats, maintain compliance, and safeguard your business from cyber criminals. Malicious attacks are on the rise and are constantly evolving, as thieves find new ways to raid your networks, web-based applications, servers and data.

To combat the ever-growing threat landscape, CenturyLink offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT Security solutions that will help you protect your business and your brand. We can help you design a security strategy and apply a matching technology solution that is as managed or unmanaged as you prefer, then deliver it anywhere you need -- at your location, in one of our data centers, a third party data center, or in the cloud.

CenturyLink is at the forefront of security and compliance with:

  • A full spectrum of security products and services that partner perfectly with CenturyLink® MPLS Network offerings, colocation and managed hosting services, and cloud offerings.
  • Outsourced experts at the ready, available to act as your internal security team, taking on as much or little of the heavy lifting as you desire.
  • A holistic approach to security to help you understand your weaknesses, design and implement the most effective and cost-effective solution, and then monitor and respond to any attacks most effectively.
  • The unique ability to deliver comprehensive protection anywhere your data goes: inside your offices, inside our data center or a third-party data center, or in the cloud.

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Compliance Risks Are Not Always Obvious

Learn your company's compliance requirements and create a plan to fulfill them.

Most of the companies that are subject to governmental regulations know it, but what they often don’t realize is that their current compliance plan may not cover every requirement. Do you know the state of your company’s compliance policies? Explore four ways non-compliance can cost your business.

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