Network-Based Security

A Faster, More Secure Internet Experience for your Network

Network Based Security (NBS) from CenturyLink was built to provide a comprehensive solution that meets the network security needs of business with a single managed solution. NBS is a modular cloud-based security service that includes a managed firewall with VPN, scalable options for Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Data Leak Protection, web malware prevention and content filtering.

NBS is more efficient than traditional CPE-based security solutions because it delivers security in the cloud, rather than through a single office location where expensive network equipment needs to be housed. NBS also enables speedier, more efficient Internet access because it allows user traffic to flow naturally across multiple access points, rather than pushing it through a single point where the VPN lives. CenturyLink customers no longer need to cope with the latency and bandwidth issues common with CPE-based security solutions.

NBS is perfect for:

  • Geographically distributed organizations that want a faster and more efficient secure Internet connection between offices
  • Companies using multiple vendors for security that want improved visibility, manageability, and efficiency via a unified service
  • Companies with data governance/compliance challenges
  • Virtually any business that wants to end the flaws of a “single point of failure”


  • Network Based Firewall – designed to allow or deny certain hosts or networks to communicate to each other based on a set security policy.
    • Weekly firewall activity reports based on log file analysis
    • Portal-based reports (log files available online for 30 days)
    • Unlimited rule-set changes
    • Delivery at IDC or customer premise
  • Site to Site VPN / Remote Access VPN – provides private communication using the IP Security (IPSEC) protocol between different locations. Provides the capability for remote or mobile devices to securely access their company's private network.
  • Web content filtering, anti-malware and data leak prevention – blocking content from the web as determined by the customer and preventing attacks against the customer's network. DLP prevents the loss of sensitive data transmitted by the internet.
  • IDS / IPS – Optional IDS/IPS service will block malicious activity as well as monitor all activity on the network. The service provides automatic detection and prevention of threats, protecting your network from outside attacks using a signature-based defense.


Co-Managed and Fully Managed Security Options – NBS can be fully managed by a highly specialized staff of security technicians who will continuously monitor the service, administer firewalls, update intrusion detection signatures, filters, patches and servers. Customers can choose between three tiers of NBS Service for self-managed to a fully managed solution. All support levels include:

  • Initial design/configuration/installation
  • Monitoring and management (or co-management option)
  • Secure portal to manage service and reports
  • Access tokens to the secure portal
  • 24/7 support
  • Log retention


  • Flexibility in bandwidth and options:Changing the size of your Internet pipe, adding IDS or IPS, or web-based filtering is as easy as a click on your portal or a phone call. No need to upgrade hardware.
  • Better Internet performance: – by routing traffic through one of CenturyLink's 19 Internet gateways, your traffic will get sent closer to its source, reducing latency and downtime for your users.
  • Reduced Risk via Built-in redundancy: – NBS reduces a company's points of security failure by distributing traffic over the entire network. You can also order multiple gateways so if one were to fail, the other gateways have a complete security profile and can process the traffic automatically, saving you from any downtime.
  • Stronger Visibility and Compliance: – NBS's management portal gives you a complete picture of the Internet traffic on your network including strong threat and performance tracking. Use it to report for regulatory compliance needs and general management.
  • Affordability: – NBS is an operating expense vs a capital expenditure, and its predictable over time.

How It Works

NBS provides next Generation Internet via a loop-free internet connection from your MPLS network to the cloud.

  • Includes a complete stateful firewall with custom firewall policies & reporting
  • Connects remote offices using broadband via IPSec VPN
  • Helps you define security policies with templates and tools
  • More cost effective than a traditional standalone Internet circuit


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