Web Security

Layered Protection for an Evolving Threat Landscape.

Doing business online is an absolute necessity in today's marketplace. Whether you use the web to offer your products and services, order supplies, or interface with customers, you need to be sure that your data and interactions are secure.

Make web security simple with CenturyLink® Web Defense. Powered by McAfee, it is an easy-to-use business-strength Internet security solution. Web Defense effectively blocks quickly evolving online threats, including spyware, viruses, and phishing attacks. It also helps prevent access to inappropriate sites. Web Defense adds several necessary layers of protection by enabling administrators to enforce policies that prevent users from accessing popular web mail sites and fraudulent phishing sites.

Features & Benefits


  • Protection of the network, including remote users
  • Continuous updates to protect against the latest threats
  • Reliable around-the-clock service and support
  • Wide variety of threat activity and Internet usage reports


  • Lower IT costs associated with removing malware from infected PCs
  • Reduce business disruption caused by attacks
  • Increase network capacity by limiting on-the-job surfing and blocking inappropriate content and unauthorized bandwidth-intensive downloads
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Effectively enforce Internet usage policies
How It Works

Your Policies, Our Protection

Web Defense is completely managed, so it does not require additional hardware or software. Your web traffic is routed through our web proxy server, which filters traffic according to policies you’ve determined. Threats are stopped at the network perimeter before they reach your computers or network.

The secure custom online portal allows authorized administrators to view and download real-time reports via an administrative console that provides insight into overall threat, individual threat and web use activity.


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