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Managed Infrastructure

A single source for hybrid IT infrastructure management.

Your ability to compete suffers when you try to maintain critical systems while simultaneously launching new services without the right in-house manpower or expertise—especially when considering the complexity of today's IT deployments where services span on-premise, collocated, hosted and cloud environments. As a result, businesses face the increased risk of downtime and service outages, which means lost revenue, dissatisfied employees, and unhappy customers.

CenturyLink manages critical infrastructure for thousands of businesses and government agencies worldwide. We have the resources and industry knowhow to deliver services that allow our clients to focus on new markets, better customer experiences, and increased revenue opportunities.


Features & Benefits


  • Automation: Automation scripts and blueprints that accelerate environment deployments
  • Integration: Public and private cloud service orchestration with on-premise, collocated, or hosted oversight via integrated tools.
  • Expertise: ITIL certified models monitor and manage multivendor hybrid IT environments.


  • Consistency for on premise, collocated, hosted and cloud deployments
  • Simplified IT management virtually anywhere you do business
  • 100% uptime SLAs in 60+ state-of-the-art data centers around the globe
  • Access to engineers and support staff with a full range of certifications
  • Better financial models with transparent and predictable cost structures

Managed Infrastructure Options

On Premises
Managed Hosting

Remote Infrastructure Management

60 Global Data Centers & Network

Management of Data Center Servers, Operating Systems, Storage, Back-up and Applications

Public, Private Dedicated


M&O Uptime Certified

Web Hosting

Management of Cloud Servers, Operating Systems, Applications and the entire Cloud Ecosystem


Low-Latency Connectivity

Database Hosting







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