Conferencing and Collaboration

Many ways to make collaboration easier than ever.

With multiple customers and employees in a variety of locations, it's more important than ever to stay connected. Planning, efficiency, collaboration, and security all depend on having a conferencing solution sophisticated enough to handle domestic and global connections. Automated conferencing and multiple platforms allow compatibility for larger, reserved conferencing events or impromptu team meetings.

CenturyLink offers a range of conferencing services, designed to help you meet and collaborate in the ways you prefer:

Web Conferencing

Meet online for quick, effective collaboration.

Our Web Conferencing solutions take the pain out of meetings and help you accomplish more in your workday. Using patented technology to ensure that voice and web are completely synchronized, Web Conferencing fully integrates voice, web, and desktop video conferencing into one intuitive interface. Manage your meetings with simple point-and-click commands and meet with colleagues, clients, and customers from remote locations in your own multimedia virtual meeting room.

CenturyLink® Web Conferencing meetings are simple to schedule and manage. We also offer several other web conferencing products to ensure smooth integration with your existing system and alignment to your needs: Adobe Connect, known for its video streaming capability and "pod" flexibility; Cisco WebEx, known for its specialty solutions such as Enterprise Edition and Training Center; and ON24 Webcasting, ideal for one-to-many streaming presentations.

Contact your CenturyLink representative to discover the Web service that meets your needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Per-minute or license-based pricing
  • No participant downloads
  • Intuitive interface
  • Active speaker technology and high-quality video
  • Personalized meeting space
  • One-click desktop and document sharing
  • Convenient mobile access via BlackBerry and iPhone
  • Support for up to 125 participants
  • Automatic audio connections (no phone dial-in required)
  • Integrated controls for phone and web
  • Personal file storage and transfer
  • Live support via online chat or phone
  • Connect to meetings with one click from your desktop or mobile device
  • Forget about passwords and dial-in numbers
  • Get a personal permanent web address with your name on it
  • Eliminate the hassle of software downloads for participants
  • Manage audio meetings with visual desktop controls
  • Share your screen with crystal-clear quality
  • Personalize meetings with webcam video for everyone
  • Connect globally with international support
  • Record meeting audio and video with one click
  • Move easily between audio and web meetings
  • See who's present and know who's talking

How CenturyLink Web Conferencing Works

Quickly start or schedule a virtual meeting with a simple click on the conferencing toolbar for Outlook. Guests can join others in virtual meeting rooms by clicking directly from your Outlook, Lotus Notes, or instant messenger (IM) application. There's no need to remember access and meeting numbers because CenturyLink Web Conferencing dials you in automatically when you start the meeting. The solution also allows you to share applications right from your desktop, conduct polls, and create surveys and quizzes.

Operator-Assisted Conferencing

Get the help you need for more effective meetings.

Enjoy comprehensive, personal assistance for conference calls with up to 50 participants. Whether you're planning, meeting, or following up after the conference, our operators will ensure you get the most out of everyday meetings, training sessions, employee announcements, sales and marketing presentations, and more. We can help you stay productive and effective with convenient, reliable, and cost-effective group communications over distances.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom greeting
  • Hold music
  • Operator on demand
  • Roll call
  • Self mute
  • Remote replay
  • Remote replay participant report
  • Operator dial-out
  • Participant list
  • Recording available on CD or electronic file
  • Transcription
  • Simplify conference planning with personal scheduling assistance
  • Connect easily with both domestic and international participants
  • Track the effectiveness of your sessions with post-conference reporting
  • Ensure security with individualized participant verification
  • Provide a high-quality participant experience for optimal productivity and convenience

How CenturyLink® Operator-Assisted Conference Calls Works

This solution provides expert service and unsurpassed attention to detail for your conferences. Our staff provides you with personal assistance, including scheduling, remote monitoring, and post-conference reporting. Participants, both domestic and international, can access the conference call by dialing a pre-assigned number. Operators greet each participant and ask for the name of the host and the company before connecting each participant to the conference.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing

Meet anytime, anywhere at a moment's notice.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing from CenturyLink helps you get more done in your workday. Interact with up to 300 colleagues, customers, and partners from across the globe at a moment's notice with no operator involvement. And that's anytime, anywhere. Your personal audio conference meeting room is available 24/7 and accessible from virtually any location.

Features & Benefits

  • Customizable passcodes
  • Online phone controls
  • Roll call/participant name capture
  • Entry and exit tones
  • Listen only/self mute
  • Lecture mode and Q&A
  • Record and replay
  • 24/7 live help desk
  • Schedule a conference more easily with improved Outlook integration
  • Avoid having to remember numbers by allowing the service to call you
  • Adjust conference line volumes to enhance communications
  • Maintain a professional image with custom introduction messages

How Reservationless Conferencing Works

A great deal of mission-critical business communications are still transacted over the phone, even in today's hyper-connected, digital environment. Outbound Long Distance connects over the robust CenturyLink multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), OC-192 fiber-optic SONET network to all major serving areas in the country as part of a complete suite of communications tools available to complex, large-business customers. The national CenturyLink interexchange network infrastructure combines the use of a traditional circuit-switched platform with a next-generation voice services platform, so you know your service is supported by the latest technology.

Event Conferencing

Productive on-site meetings with no more travel costs.

Choose from two options for your event conferencing needs:

CenturyLink® Event Conferencing is ideal for both small groups and large-scale events. It provides assisted participant entry, operator speaker introduction, dedicated assistance throughout the call, and the ability to extend the reach of your corporate announcements to a virtually unlimited number of participants across the globe.

CenturyLink® Event Auditorium accommodates up to 4,000 participants cost-effectively through convenient automated participant entry via passcode and dedicated, full-time operator assistance.

High-touch service from CenturyLink conference experts lets you focus on the task at hand instead of logistics. With industry-leading conference security features and an advanced fault-tolerant and redundant architecture, CenturyLink Event Conferencing delivers some of the highest levels of security screening in the industry with a 99.95 percent error-free performance goal.

Features & Benefits

  • Q&A support for orderly interaction between your speakers and audience
  • Separate telephone line for event managers to stay on top of details and communicate fully without interrupting the event
  • Participant polling to measure the effectiveness of your conference
  • Event monitoring by a dedicated event coordinator to ensure complete quality
  • Customized greeting to participants as they join the conference
  • Transcription to capture conference content
  • Recording on CD or in electronic format
  • Remote replay for those unable to attend
  • Web-based host control tools to allow you to view and prioritize participants and Q&A sessions
  • Provide a convenient call-in experience for participants for both small meetings and large-scale events
  • Have a professional conference call with expert support and a smooth caller experience
  • Reach an unlimited number of participants across the globe
  • Enable orderly interaction between speakers and attendees
  • Capture complete call data and content

Outbound Long Distance

Regardless of which event conferencing option you choose, you get an experienced conferencing expert who helps you achieve your meeting goals by arranging reservations, coordinating special features, and ensuring post-conference reports and recording delivery. Services include pre-meeting consultation, registration assistance, participant verification, breakout sessions, audio production, and post-call reporting.


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