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Give Your Company a Better Voice

CenturyLink® Hosted VoIP increases business efficiency and improves productivity over traditional TDM voice solutions while increasing mobility. Hosted VoIP allows you to converge your separate voice and data networks and get an easy-to-use-and-deploy VoIP solution that can scale as business requirements dictate.

Improved, unified communications
With Hosted VoIP, your employees can turn any location into a "remote office" where they receive calls, retrieve messages and collaborate with remote teams.

Reduced costs
Hosted VoIP helps your business maximize its return on investment by delivering all the PBX features and functionality your business expects without the capital expense of purchasing hardware or the ongoing operational expense of managing and maintaining that hardware. Simply choose the number of seats you need from our range of seat types (based on the features you need) and get a predictable monthly budget. And, with CenturyLink Hosted VoIP, a full-featured IP phone is included in the monthly seat price. No capital is needed for new phone equipment or maintenance. Now you're communicating better than ever before.

Scalable and Manageable
CenturyLink’s intuitive online portal enables administrators to manage users. Employees can also customize their service to fit their individual preferences. Changes are made in real time without the need to deploy people or deliver hardware. Scale from a few users to over 10,000 per location as your business grows.


Advance Voice Communication

Get a detailed walkthrough of how to transition off your legacy voice platforms safely and successfully.

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Powerful PBX features without the PBX price

A comprehensive, secure and reliable hosted VoIP solution that eliminates the need to purchase and maintain equipment.

Our VoIP solutions are available nationwide (covering 98% of the US population), and CenturyLink has over 15 years of experience providing VoIP solutions to companies like yours. If your equipment is aging and you don't want the expense purchasing and maintaining new equipment, Hosted VoIP may be the answer. New phones for this cloud-based solution are included in the seat price. You maintain administrative control without having to manage two separate networks, and you can scale your service to align with your business needs.

  • Benefit from nationwide availability with service in more than 10,000 local rate centers
  • Experience feature-rich IP handsets (included in seat price)
  • Eliminate the expense of maintaining phone equipment
  • Free up IT resources to focus on your core business
  • Gain a predictable monthly budget with per-seat pricing
  • Scale your service efficiently as business demands
  • Connect mobile workforce back to the office using the mobile devices they currently have
  • Manage users, inventory and group features such as hunt groups, auto attendants, hold music, and LDAP directory integration with the intuitive CenturyLink VoIP portal

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How CenturyLink Hosted VoIP Works

A single dial plan everywhere you do business.

Built on the BroadSoft BroadWorks platform, CenturyLink Hosted VoIP allows your business to display a single dial plan for the entire company, even if employees are geographically distributed or work remotely. Employees can now make and receive calls with the mobile devices they use today, and enjoy the same features as their office phones. They are now more accessible to customers and colleagues—regardless of where they are.

CenturyLink Hosted VoIP receptionist portal combines the front-desk phone with a computer-based, choose-and-click operator interface that makes it easy to direct calls to staff wherever they are.

Hosted VoIP Offers a Range of Seat Types

Choose from a range of seat types so you’re only paying for features you need.


A cost-effective seat designed for use in a lobby, break room, cafeteria, or shop area that is not assigned to a specific user.


With a more robust set of features than the Basic seat, this seat is designed for general business, support and clerical personnel that don’t require advanced features.

Designed for the majority of professional employees, this seat includes advanced IP phone features and a premium phone.


Get the features of a Standard seat, but with a phone designed for collaboration.


Get the features of a Premium seat, but with one receptionist sidecar (for monitoring additional lines in the office).

Built to handle high volumes of concurrent incoming calls, this seat includes advanced features such as Microsoft® Outlook and Internet Explorer integration, to help ensure effective call coverage.


Designed to fit the needs of the majority of a company’s professional employees without requiring an IP phone.


Use this seat to store voicemail and as a stand-alone voicemail box for after-hours calls that aren’t directed to a specific person’s voicemail.


Use this seat to connect old equipment that isn't IP-enabled, such as cordless phones, point of sale (PoS) devices, and low-volume fax machines.


Get the features of a Premium seat, plus basic call queuing in the cloud (up to 25 calls) in the cloud to allow a group of users with this seat type to receive high volumes of incoming calls.


Get the features of a Premium seat, plus call queuing (up to 50 calls) in the cloud and allow users with this seat type to log in and out of queues and view queue statistics.


Get the features of a Premium seat, plus administer Contact Center Standard users, log in and out of queues, view queue statistics, get real-time reporting, access historical reporting and monitor calls.

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Secure, Reliable Connectivity

Hosted VoIP leads with CenturyLink IQ® Networking Internet Port or Private Port with one of the following connection options1:

  • IP/ethernet service: 3Mbps-1Gbps
  • Ethernet over copper service: 3Mbps-10Mbps
  • DS1 service: 1.5Mbps (DS1)-12Mbps (8xDS1)
  • Existing connection to CenturyLink network
  • CenturyLink IQ® Delta Port2 or other carrier access for remote locations when headquarters location is connected with CenturyLink IQ® Networking3

You can also bring your own IP-enabled network access (even from a third-party provider).

1 All options require quality of service (QoS) enabled—which prioritizes your voice traffic over your data traffic to help ensure crystal-clear calls

2Restrictions apply for CenturyLink IQ Delta Ports, such as term and speed limits, minimum port quantities and an overall bandwidth minimum. No SLA applies.

3 Voice performance over 3rd party provided access is excluded from SLA



Hosted VoIP offerings all include geo-redundancy as well as failover and recovery mode rollover/rollback options.



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