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Smarter Networks for Smarter Communications

Converge your voice and data networks, extend the capabilities of your legacy PBX, and access unified communications features with CenturyLink IQ® SIP Trunk.

Converge your separate and costly TDM and IP networks

  • Save money and simplify network architecture by converging your separate voice and data networks
  • Carry more voice traffic on the same size circuit vs. traditional TDM voice circuits
  • Allocate bandwidth dynamically as business needs change
  • Get nationwide availability in more than 10,000 local rate centers

Extend the capabilities of your legacy PBX

  • Enable IP connectivity to your legacy PBXs
  • Deliver new end-user unified communication capabilities
  • Reduce costs and billing complexities of separate voice lines, phone numbers, and providers
  • Eliminate costs of local PSTN lines and gateways, PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces) and/or costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces)
  • Simplify network management using a single network for voice and data

Improve network uptime, reliability, security, and performance

  • Maintain security and ease network management
  • Reduce the management challenges and costs associated with maintaining separate voice and data networks
  • Move to a single up-to-date IP network that is faster, more scaleable, and easier to manage with fewer connection points and delays
  • Reduce the ongoing cost and maintenance of physical equipment at individual site locations


Best Practices for Transitioning from Legacy Voice to VoIP

Transitioning from legacy voice to VoIP may seem overwhelming, but follow these 5 best practices to get your migration on the right path.

Did you know that combining your voice and data network will help your business regain lost productivity? Find out how.


Better Communication with Combined Voice and Data

Maintaining separate voice and data networks is expensive and unneccesary.

With CenturyLink IQ SIP Trunk, you can now extend the capabilities of your existing, legacy PBX hardware while converging your separate voice and data networks into a single, robust IP data and voice network. CenturyLink IQ SIP Trunk enables your existing data network to make and receive local voice, long-distance, domestic and international toll-free service, and enhanced 911 calls.

IQ SIP Trunk works in conjunction with CenturyLink IQ® MPLS Networking, providing a private, fully interoperable and scalable suite of wide area network (WAN) services.  IQ SIP Trunk delivers increased functionality, improved call quality, better security, and simplified network management and is available nationwide, serving approximately 98% of the US population. And CenturyLink backs its IQ SIP Trunk service with a 100% voice availability goal.

CenturyLink IQ SIP Trunk can also be provided over third-party, IP-enabled networks to sites without IQ MPLS connectivity.

Efficient business communications are more critical than ever. And now it's possible to minimize the complexity of your voice service without increasing costs and still delivering powerful unified communications capabilities.

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How IQ SIP Trunk Works

Advanced technology to keep your business in touch.

CenturyLink IQ SIP Trunk offers your business these powerful capabilities:

  • Manage your call volume efficiently by subscribing to multiple TNs per session
  • Aggregate multiple locations behind a single trunk group to help reduce costs
  • Simplify configuration and management with the CenturyLink online customer management portal
  • Benefit from robust quality of service (QoS) to help ensure that time-sensitive network traffic is prioritized and routed correctly
IQ SIP Trunk Network Availabity Map
Certified CPE for IQ SIP Trunk

SBC Device

IQ SIP Trunk sessions supported

Additional Notes

Cisco 2901 

Cisco 2911

Cisco 2921

Cisco 2951

Cisco 3925

Cisco 3945

Cisco 4451












* Licenses required

* Licenses required

* Licenses required

* Licenses required

* Licenses required

* Licenses required

(Not certified by CenturyLink, but known to work)


Features and Benefits


  • Lowered network costs by converging separate networks
  • Simplified network management
  • Solutions for delivering on your corporate mobility strategy
  • Improved end-user capabilities and satisfaction
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Highly scalable and reliable
  • Cost-competitive long-distance rates
  • Domestic and international toll-free service
  • Emergency 911 service
  • Switch diversity
  • Powerful end-user and administration management portal
  • Network availability SLAs
  • Local number portability support


  • Reduce costs by aggregating voice networks and their associated costs
  • Help ensure the reliability of your voice and data service backed by our SLA
  • Expand operations inexpensively by leveraging existing equipment (IP-PBX) for new locations utilizing a single network connection
  • Monitor performance, submit and track performance monitoring, trouble tickets submissions, and tracking from any Internet connection
  • Port your existing phone numbers, no need to implement new phone numbers
  • Support multiple locations on one service by eliminating traditional TDM voice circuits

IQ SIP Trunk Session Types

Standard Sessions
Supports session pooling, trunk-level failover, call forwarding, and diverse-route planning.

Enterprise Sessions
Includes all features included in Standard SIP sessions, plus geo-diverse SBCs (session border controllers).

Both session types include a monthly package of off-net, domestic long-distance and inbound, toll-free minutes.

Standard/Enterprise BroadWorks features include:

  • Authentication
  • Basic Call Logs
  • Call Waiting
  • Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking
  • Calling Line ID Presentation
  • Calling Line ID Restriction
  • Calling Name Retrieval
  • Charge Number
  • Client Call Control
  • Customer Originated Trace
  • External Calling Line ID Delivery
  • Intercept User
  • Internal Calling Line ID Delivery
  • Malicious Call Trace
  • Phone Status Monitoring
  • Physical Location
  • Preferred Carrier User
  • SMDI Message Desk
  • Third-Party Message Waiting Indicator Control
  • Third-Party Voicemail Support

IQ SIP Trunk Seat Types

SIP Standard

  •  Standard inbound/outbound calling features

 SIP Premium

  • Advanced Feature Package with Personal Mobility Package
  • CenturyLink-supported softphone client (purchased separately)
  • Unified Messaging Feature Package
  • Voicemail

SIP Mobility

  • Allows user to be reached at multiple phones with a simultaneous ring feature
  • Allows placing outbound calls from external devices such as mobile phones
  • Fixed-to-mobile convergence


  • Used for softphone and/or unified communications client


  • Voicemail box to support calls that are not directed to a specific user’s voicemail

Contact Center Basic

  • Get the features of a Premium seat, plus basic call queuing (up to 25 calls) in the cloud to allow a group of users with this seat type to receive high volumes of incoming calls

Contact Center Standard

  • Get the features of a Premium seat plus call queuing (up to 50 calls) in the cloud, and allow users with this seat type to log in and out of queues and view queue statistics

Contact Center Supervisor

  • The features of a Premium seat, plus administer Contact Center Standard users, log in and out of queues, view queue statistics, get real-time reporting, access historical reporting and monitor calls


CenturyLink IQ® SIP Trunk: Centralized Deployment

By consolidating PRIs and POTs, our centralized SIP Trunk solutions are easy to manage and put voice and data into the same location. Service to branch offices comes through a private QoS-enabled WAN.

CenturyLink IQ® SIP Trunk: Decentralized Deployment

Rather than consolidate PRIs and POTs, this offering provides SIP Trunk service at each location and can survive a private WAN failure. It includes direct access to PSTN from each site as well.


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