Our Executive Team

Dean Economou

Branch Director, DOD/DISA

Dean Economou is a Branch Sales Director at CenturyLink. He has responsibility for a team of sales professionals that help DISA meet its global information and critical infrastructure requirements.

Prior to CenturyLink, Dean was the Director of DOD Sales with Mobile Armor, an information assurance company. Before coming to Mobile Armor, Dean was a Client Executive with Sprint / Nextel. Dean managed the U.S. Air Force business unit. He was responsible for utilizing corporate resources and assets to support the war fighter in Operation Iraqi Freedom and respond to challenges like Hurricane Katrina.

Dean received an MBA from George Washington University. He received his ROTC commissioning into the U.S. Army in 1991 from Northeastern University. Dean held several positions as an Intel officer including being liaison officer between active and reserve units during the Bosnia conflict.