Our Executive Team

Campbell PalmerCampbell Palmer

Campbell Palmer is the Sales Engineering Manager for the CenturyLink Networx Solutions and engineering team. Campbell is the lead architect for managed network services, and design engineer for CenturyLink in support of Civilian federal agencies. Mr. Palmer's team is responsible for all CenturyLink services provided under both the Networx Universal and Networx Enterprise contract vehicles. Additionally, the team is responsible for all services provided through the WITS 2001 vehicle as well.

Mr. Palmer has extensive expertise within the field of network performance measurement, delivering automated statistical analysis feeds pertaining to network traffic engineering and traffic forecasting. Mr. Palmer has designed multiple commercial and private dedicated network operations centers that enable best of breed, best of service, and the most effective and competitive Service Level Agreements for CenturyLink customers.

Mr. Palmer is responsible for engaging with CenturyLink customers and partners in order to obtain the requirements and expectations from the customer in order to design and deliver a Managed Network Solution that incorporates the CenturyLink core-management system. Mr. Palmer provides integrated custom components and monitoring capabilities that ensure CenturyLink provides each customer a fully operational network management system that meets the requirements of each specific customer.

Prior to joining CenturyLink, Campbell was the lead developer and engineer for the Verizon Business vBNS+ Network management and performance-reporting portal. Campbell spent 8 years working with medium and large enterprise customers within Verizon Business in order to assist with the development of reporting and network monitoring systems for dedicated network operations centers. He designed and implemented the Verizon Business NMCI, DREN, and DHS Network Operations Centers, complete with custom reporting and notification systems. These high availability Network Operations Centers have enabled Verizon to deliver customized performance reporting, as well as to consistently exceed industry leading custom SLAs pertaining to notification, utilization, DDOS mitigation, and remediation of network impacting events.

Mr. Palmer is a highly experienced Network Management expert. Campbell provides turnkey network management solutions based on specific customer requirements. Based on customer requirements and expectations, Mr. Palmer will ensure CenturyLink delivers the best possible, most cost effective network management solution available in the marketplace. While CenturyLink already adheres to stringent network performance and availability SLAs, it is with Campbell's extensive expertise and knowledge of the commercial (COTS) environment and the ability to integrate customer-specified components into CenturyLink's leading-edge network event notification and statistical reporting systems in place today.

Campbell Palmer is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College with a Bachelor of Science degree.