Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Services

Get the support you need for your IT environment

CenturyLink's Managed Hosting Services combine technical account management, senior-level technicians, and certified processes to give you 24/7 managed hosting services in your data center or in a CenturyLink data center. You get to choose the installation, monitoring and management services you need, and if you opt for our Managed Server solution, you get dedicated servers, operating systems, space, and power at one low monthly rate.

Install, Monitor, Manage

Based on your selection from the table below, CenturyLink will build a managed hosting solution for your specific environment.

Install / Configure Monitor Manage
  • Server/OS Software and Hardware
  • Network Device
  • CPE Hardware
  • Application Software
  • Database Software
  • Operating Systems
  • Web-Based Portal Access
  • Real-Time Alerts with Notification
  • 24/7 Environment Monitoringe
  • Base Monitoring (ping, system checks, URL queries)
  • Processes
  • Hardware
  • Routers and Switches
  • Application and Databases
  • Custom Applications
  • Expert Environment Management
  • Trending Analysis
  • Dedicated Customer Service Manager CSM Available
  • 24/7 Support and First Touch Response
  • Run-Book Based
  • Engineer Consulting and Support

CenturyLink Managed Server Solution

As part of CenturyLink's Managed Hosting portfolio, Managed Server is an end-to-end server solution that provides Windows and Linux Operating Systems with a dedicated fully managed infrastructure.


  • Dedicated high capacity hardware
  • Enterprise class environment
  • Windows and Linux OS included.
  • Space in CenturyLink data centers
  • Multiple levels of security and 24/7 monitoring
  • Expert management staff
  • Web-based portal for 24/7 access
  • Geographical diversity

Benefits of Managed Hosting

  • Save on your bottom line with no added capital or operating expenses
  • Expand and enhance infrastructure effortlessly without stressing resources or need for internal expertise
  • Increase IT productivity
  • Enjoy top-tier security and reliability from redundant systems
  • Scale easily
  • Integrate and expand IT infrastructure simply

CenturyLink Data Centers

CenturyLink Managed Hosting Services are located within our nationwide data center facilities. These facilities are specifically designed to provide state-of-the-art hosting for mission-critical environments, and are directly connected to our 40Gig nationwide IP backbone.


  • Multiple levels of physical security
  • 24/7 First Touch Response support
  • On-site technical staff
  • SAS 70 II certified and PCI DSS compliant
  • Strong SLAs

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