CenturyLink® Managed Office provides your business with IT and communication infrastructure and a dedicated team to manage it. You can concentrate on your core business, because all of the technology you need to stay up and running is included. Ensure your IT resources are focused on your own mission-critical business technology. Rely on CenturyLink to manage and install your network, communications and business applications.


How will Managed Office work for your business?

Reliable connectivity, industry-leading VoIP service, and cloud-based applications are all included with Managed Office.



Take advantage of a high-performance Internet connection to the secure CenturyLink® IP/MPLS network. We manage your switches and routers and the equipment you need, based on the number of seats you purchase.



Experience CenturyLink® Hosted VoIP, a business VoIP solution full of advanced features. Installation and all of the hardware and software you need is included-even the phones.



Leverage business applications you need for collaboration, messaging, and more. With cloud-based applications loaded with security features, you won't have to worry about purchasing or upgrading software.

White Glove Service

Managed Office comes with a team of CenturyLink experts to help ensure your preparation, installation and day-to-day experience keeps you focused on your core business, rather than the underlying technology. You also have 24 x 7 access to the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for any needed repairs or assistance with the end-to-end solution.

Zero Capital Expense

You don't have to buy or maintain your own equipment. We provide and maintain it for you. We even provide and manage your business applications so you don't have to purchase and update software.


Virtually anywhere availability with VoIP or mobile access to every call means you can use your mobile phone like your office phone.

Flat Seat Rate Available

One flat rate per seat per month makes scaling easy. There are no additional maintenance fees because it is all included in the per seat per month pricing structure.

One Network

Managed Office provides outstanding performance from ONE leading network provider. This means everything for your data, communications, and business applications comes on a single invoice.



Core Specifications:

  • Data connections with a variety of speeds
  • ADTRAN routers, switches and wireless access points
  • Proactive network monitoring
  • Uninterruptable power supply available for an additional charge



Advanced Voice Features:

  • Hosted VoIP using the Broadsoft Broadworks platform
  • Polycom IP phones
  • Voice mail retrieval via phone, email or Web
  • Unlimited local calling and on-net long distance



Critical Business Functions:

  • Microsoft messaging and collaboration apps
  • Domain name transfer and registration
  • Online data backup, up to 25GB per seat
  • Endpoint protection and email security and continuity
From Our Industry Experts

Our new VoIP phones give us crystal - clear sound, and we especially like the flexibility we have to add seats as our business grows while knowing in advance how much we will be spending.

Curtis Eubanks • Vice President of Aleutian Consulting

Network Maps

The CenturyLink network covers the entire continental United States, and hundreds of international destinations.

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