Professional Network Operations Center (ProNOC)

Count on CenturyLink to Keep Your Carrier Grade Network Running Reliably and Cost-Effectively—So You Can Concentrate on Your Business

The health of your network is essential to the health of your business, helping you avoid outage-related business disruptions while maintaining compliance and increasing customer satisfaction. With CenturyLink™ Professional Network Operations Center (ProNOC), you can ensure consistent performance for your network—without having to invest costly salaries and resources to find, train, and maintain your own network management staff. Our expert network operations center professionals work as a natural extension of your own IT organization, using state-of-the-art tools and software to deliver end-to-end, around-the-clock service monitoring and management of your transport and customer premises equipment. Comprehensive provisioning, management, sparing, and maintenance services for metro, long-haul, and customized optical private networks help you realize the full value of the latest communications technologies.

Professional Network Operations Center Features

  • Circuit and equipment provisioning, testing, and service activation
  • CPE service provisioning interval of 24 hours
  • Circuit and network migrations and emergency alt-routing
  • Inventory management
  • Remote Monitoring Agents administration through vendor OEM or customer RMA program
  • Sparing facility through CenturyLink logistics center or on-site CPE sparing
  • Standard overnight delivery and expedited 4-hour card replacements
  • Maintenance notification including service impact, risk assessment, background information, and alternate schedule dates
  • Reporting on network and circuit performance, capacity usage, trouble tickets, incident reports, and after-action investigations
  • Real-time alarms on your circuits and CPE devices
  • Direct access to Tier II/Tier III NOC technicians with intimate knowledge of your network topology and services

Professional Network Operations Center Benefits

  • Provides a single point of contact for all service requirements and trouble reporting with dedicated 800 number and email
  • Offers comprehensive management services through a single provider including 24x7x365 proactive network monitoring; provisioning; and fault, change, performance, and configuration management
  • Delivers customized managed services that fit your unique needs and requirements for optimal cost efficiency
  • Meets a broad range of network needs through support for Optical Wavelength Service (OWS), long-haul, and customized optical networks
  • Provides proactive monitoring and full visibility through a customer-facing portal with access to real-time network alarms, service degradation alerts, and trouble tickets

How Professional Network Operations Center Works

CenturyLink ProNOC provides comprehensive network management by skilled network operations center professionals using state-of-the-art tools. Our network surveillance platform provides alarm management, event correlation, customer alarms, fault management, and reporting. Vendor-specific network management tools include configuration management, performance management, circuit and equipment provisioning, diagnostics and service restoration, and secured access. Our control network enables in-band access, out-of-band access, and redundant links. CenturyLink ProNOC supports all CenturyLink National vendor platforms and specific customer selected CPE equipment; supported technologies include:

  • Metro, long-haul, SONET, and SDH DWDM Equipment
  • Ciena ONI—ring topology with 2.5G protection
  • Ciena 4200—ring topology with full protection optical,2.5G/10G
  • Ciena Corestream (Linear)
  • Ciena ULH (2 & 3 degree ROADM)
  • Nortel Optera Metro 5200 & 6500—terminals and linear
  • Tellabs 7100—ring topology, optical switch with full service protection
  • Lucent Lambda Extreme (3 degree ROADM)

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