Reliable Wi-Fi in Minutes

Improve employee and customer experiences with enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for
small and medium business when paired with our powerful network.

Get Business Wi-Fi for Only $28 Per Month–Plus One Month Free!*

(Rate is per wireless access point. Requires a 36-month agreement and CenturyLink public Internet service.)

Reliable, Secure, Easily Managed Wi-Fi with the Network You Need

Our cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution provides enterprise-grade security,
visibility and control.

CenturyLink has combined our global network with Cisco Meraki’s business-class, cloud-managed Wi-Fi to deliver a dependable, easy-to-deploy Wi-Fi solution for your business.

CenturyLink® Business Wi-Fi provides you with the right technology to improve your customer and guest experiences. The bundled solution pairs our reliable network service with Cisco Meraki’s easy-to-install, cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution, so you can obtain customer insights via real-time monitoring and analytics–all with enterprise-grade security authentication.


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Why Wi-Fi?

50% of customers spend more money in a business that offers free Wi-Fi.**

Stay one step ahead of your customers with CenturyLink Business Wi-Fi.


Business Wi-Fi Benefits

Simple Set Up

Set up your Wi-Fi in minutes without the need for onsite IT expertise, then manage from virtually anywhere.

Single Provider

Simplify equipment and network management with CenturyLink as your single provider.

Separate Networks

Easily create a more secure Wi-Fi network by implementing a solution with separate employee and customer access and user authentication. 


Built-in Analytics

Get visibility into users and applications affecting your bandwidth with a user-friendly portal.

Visitor Engagement

Engage visitors at login with business-customized splash pages and ads to build customer loyalty.

Rapid Response Support

Receive rapid response from our dedicated 24/7/365 CenturyLink support team.



Enjoy Reliable, Secure, Easily Managed Wi-Fi
on the Network Your Business Deserves

What makes our business Wi-Fi solution more secure and easy-to-install? The enterprise-grade Wi-Fi is dual-band, with private employee and guest access. We paired Cisco Meraki’s Wi-Fi equipment and user-friendly dashboard with CenturyLink’s powerful and reliable network to make network administration a snap. Your Business Wi-Fi solution includes:

  • Cisco Meraki MR33 wireless access point with license
  • Cisco Meraki cloud portal and dashboard access
  • 24/7/365 dedicated telephone help desk support

CenturyLink network service is required to implement CenturyLink Business Wi-Fi. If your business is not currently using CenturyLink network, additional fees may apply.


Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi, Priced for
Small and Medium Business*

$40 per month
$28 per month + 1 month free
$25 per month + 1 month free

Explore All the Convenient Features of
Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi



Cisco Meraki MR33 wireless access point license
  • Enterprise-grade security two-factor authentication
  • Application traffic shaping
  • Wireless intrusion detection and prevention (WIDS/WIPS)
  • Indoor or outdoor access point
  • High performance 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi standard
  • 1.3 Gbps radio rate
  • Meraki MS220 POE switch for businesses that need more than three access points per site
Easy installation
  • CenturyLink assisted wireless network settings via dashboard
  • Access point automatically pulls configuration from Cloud at power up
  • Self-optimizing radio frequency performance
Guest Wi-Fi access
  • Splash page using a customer-maintained, standard template
  • Secure customer check-in via Facebook and click-through template
Access controls
  • SSID authentication for guess access, employee access, etc.
  • SSID name and password changes
Monitoring and analytics
  • Wi-Fi location analytics (proximity-who is close to the network, engagement-how long are they on the network, loyalty-repeat or new customers)
  • User analytics identifies usage and applications used
CenturyLink network ††
  • CenturyLink network is required at each Wi-Fi location
  • Fiber+, Core Connect Enterprise, IQ Networking, Ethernet

† CenturyLink-owned equipment

†† Additional fees may apply for businesses not currently using CenturyLink network


Keep Your Business Safe

Dual-band segmentation keeps businesses secure and Wi-Fi speeds fast by splitting employees and guests onto separate Wi-Fi networks.

Gain Visibility

A user-friendly dashboard offers an inside look into your Wi-Fi for actionable insights.

Skip the Messy Setup

Get powerful Wi-Fi access in minutes, without the messy setup and get all the support you need.

CenturyLink® Business Wi-Fi User Guide

Everything you need to know about setting up and using CenturyLink® Business Wi-Fi.
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