Simplify IT Operations and Transform Your Network

Find out what to look for in an SD-WAN provider.

Free Up IT Resources and Connect Your Enterprise with Performance and Control

Reduce complexity and security intrusions with a cost-effective WAN
solution that’s managed for you. 

  • Simplify IT operations and reduce costs with a comprehensive and secure SD-WAN solution.
  • Optimize performance by prioritizing branch office traffic and allowing branches direct access to the cloud.
  • Significantly improve enterprise-wide security by protecting branch locations from cyberthreats.
CenturyLink Wins Best Managed SD-WAN Award
The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) awarded its 2017 Best Managed SD-WAN Service Provider award to CenturyLink at the MEF 2017 event in Orlando.


Make Your Wide Area Network Instantly Better

Using SD-WANs and software-based security services, businesses can transition from legacy WANs that use expensive private lines and proprietary hardware to next-generation WANs that use MPLS and/or broadband connections.

Package Features
Both BASIC and PREMIUM SD-WAN packages include the following extras:
  • Flexible Provisioning & Management
  • CenturyLink can provision and manage all connectivity, including broadband, or customer can supply their own connection.
  • Routing & App Sharing Gateways between MPLS and SD-WAN allow routing and application sharing by sites connected under virtually any method. Because CenturyLink is an MPLS provider, we understand the challenges of migrating to newer technologies and how to make “dual environments” work.
  • Customer Admin Options
    Co-management allows full customer control, if desired. This includes the ability to assign different administrator levels or allow company divisions to manage their own portion of the corporate infrastructure.
  • Advanced Analytics
    Detailed analytics standard with all packages.
  • Performance Tuning
    Ongoing performance tuning to help ensure that applications work as expected.
Basic Packages Include:
  • Site equipment
  • Software licenses
  • Management portal
  • Use of infrastructure controllers
  • Ongoing configuration assistance
  • Standard reporting package
Premium Packages Include:
  • All Basic Package features
  • Secure Internet access at each site
  • Detailed analytics
  • Performance tuning
  • Wireless backup (available as a redundant connectivity option)

The result: simple, flexible, secure, and affordable. 

  • Transform Network – To meet evolved hybrid IT & cloud application needs
  • Simplify IT Operations
  • Reduce WAN complexity and strains on It
  • Gain Efficiencies – Augment bandwidth throughout the WAN
  • Achieve Better Performance – add secure Internet access to virtually any branch or office locations, with or without MPLS
  • Ease Management Complexity – effectively manage and control non-integrated hybrid WANs
  • Gain Better Use of Broadband Backup – integrate backup broadband access into the WAN for better utilization as primary access
Choosing the Right SD-WAN Solution
Learn what to look for in an SD-WAN provider to ensure cost savings and quick application delivery.

Redesign Your Network Fundamentals

CenturyLink leverages Versa Networks software to build private networks over any type of connectivity, putting network and security functions in software. This software also acts as a management and analytics platform so you can define and manage your network in real time. Get the latest in agile WAN deployment and management.

Platform Provider

  • Versa Networks

Site Equipment

  • SD-WAN X86 CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) SD-WAN management software bundled

Connection Type

  • Low cost Internet + LTE options


  • 10 Mbps – 1 Gbps
  • Data Plans to 30G

(Some speeds may not be available in your area.)


  • Encryption
  • Intelligent Path Optimization
  • Application Optimization
  • Analytics/Reporting

Optional Features

  • Uptime SLAs, Compression, Firewall, URL filtering, Malware/virus, IDS/IPS as available from vendor

Versa Networks is the software technology that enables CenturyLink to build a private network over any type of connectivity. Versa also acts as a management and analytics platform that allows customers to define and manage their networks in real time.

About Versa’s platform

  • Built specifically for SD-WAN networks
  • Scalable to 10,000+ locations
  • Supports Multi-Tenant Environment
  • Shared infrastructure & costs
  • Developed by team who coded JunOS for Juniper MX
  • Detailed Analytics Standard

Improve performance & security

  • The Versa platform automatically identifies over 2500 applications and assigns the appropriate WAN access technology based on business policies.  The result is better application performance and lower overall WAN costs
  • For stronger branch security, additional security functions can be applied to traffic using direct Internet access, while MPLS traffic may not require it

Lower TCO

  • Through virtualized appliance capabilities, businesses can slash infrastructure Capex spend.
  • Businesses are able to lower their Opex by reducing or eliminating branch office truck rolls, shortening help desk and troubleshooting time, and easily integrating new services into existing deployments.  Usage-based pricing ensures customers only pay for what they use.

IT agility - deploy in hours vs. weeks

  • Versa enables customers to roll out large-scale SD-WAN and branch security deployments quickly and without complex or proprietary hardware.
  • As a result, new deployments can be designed and validated in days.  Network IT teams can adopt an agile, software-based DevOps model and remove the provisioning time and hardware dependency of traditional WAN and security architectures.

Simplify support & operations

  • With centralized management, IT teams can significantly reduce the time required to manage networking and security services at the branch
  • In addition, Versa Analytics ‘big data’ analytics software provides customers with deep visibility and real-time intelligence into all networking and security functions to further simplify ongoing operations.

CenturyLink SD-WAN Configurations and Uses

SD-WAN as a Full MPLS Replacement

Inconsistent policies and hairpinning of traffic
to get to the Internet.

MPLS as a Primary and SD-WAN as a Backup

Hybrid: Mixture of MPLS and SD-WAN

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