Properly aligned personal resources are the linchpin for maintaining a successful Contractor Program Office

CenturyLink™ has established and staffed the CenturyLink Contractor Program Office (CPO) for all your Networx program needs. Our highly qualified subject matter experts control, manage, and monitor the performance of CenturyLink services, personnel, and processes. The CenturyLink CPO supports the General Services Administration and subscribing agencies for the management, technical support, and performance on the Networx contract, both domestically and non-domestically. We ensure that the government's requirements are addressed and that your satisfaction is maintained at all times.

CenturyLink Networx CPO Organization

The illustration below provides an overview of how CenturyLink's CPO organizational structure is aligned within the corporate organization to ensure focused and comprehensive functional support throughout contract execution. This alignment promotes the efficient use of resources while leveraging our experienced team partners so that your agency realizes the full scope of the Networx program goals.

CenturyLink Networx CPO Organization

CenturyLink Networx CPO Organization

Located in a CenturyLink facility in Northern Virginia, the CenturyLink CPO provides focused management, monitoring, and oversight for all Networx functional support areas, including:

  • Support for disaster recovery planning and execution
  • Resolving interoperability problems
  • Responding to escalation of service concerns
  • Participating in contract performance reviews
  • Participating in contract modification negotiations
  • Performing basic network management functions in support of the Government's requirements in Section C.3.3
  • Helping resolve billing queries and reconciliation issues
  • Supporting NS/EP requirements

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