A customer-focused support model

At CenturyLink, we understand that the General Services Administration requires sound, effective program management, superior technical support and professional operational capabilities. That's why we established a customer-focused support model, including policies, processes and highly effective tools designed to meet or exceed your agency's stringent requirements.

Our Spirit of Service™ drives a corporate commitment to deliver and maintain outstanding levels of customer satisfaction and quality. To accomplish this, CenturyLink incorporated a Customer Support Office (CSO) that is focused on addressing a variety of inquiries relating to agency assistance, including:

  • Training requests
  • Service orders
  • General and billing inquiries
  • Dispute reports
  • Inventory access
  • Network issues

FIGURE TITLE: CSO Single Point-of-Contact

CSO Single Point-of-Contact

The illustration above provides an overview of our how our Customer Support Office provides a single point of contact for all your Networx-related inquiries.

Networx support you can count on

  • Customer support representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone, e-mail, fax and USPS.
  • We support GSA Networx PMO and subscribing agencies, including GSA Regions and international activities.
  • Our geographically diverse back-up operations provide customer service continuity during emergencies.

Your Networx contact options

  • Accessibility via toll-free arrangements, including
    1 866-GSA-NETWorx (1 866-472-6389)
  • Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)
  • Fax number (1 800-879-2804)
  • E-mail correspondence (
  • Operator assisted, pre- or post-paid calling cards and collect calls (for non-domestic subscribers in countries without access to UIFN or CenturyLink ITFS)

Additionally, all CSO functions are available through the Control Center Networx Portal — around-the-clock from anywhere in the world.