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Disaster Recovery

At CenturyLink™, we recognize that our ability to quickly respond and recover is vital to the General Services Administration and your agency. That's why we are pleased to provide a Disaster Recovery (DR) approach and plan that incorporates our Spirit of Service™, and also meets or exceeds the requirements of the Networx contract. Our mission-oriented years of experience in disaster recovery provide real value in meeting your agency's continuity of operations.

Closely aligned to physical security issues, Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plans are an important component of CenturyLink's integrated, enterprise-wide risk management organization. This includes a resident representative dedicated to supporting the National Communications System/National Coordination Center (NCS/NCC) within the Department of Homeland Security. Contingency operation plans are prepared in accordance with CenturyLink Policy 100.104 (Crisis Management and Communications) to ensure that our corporate-wide emergency response, business continuity and disaster recovery planning efforts are in place at all times. Additionally, contingency operation plans are tested on an annual basis.

FIGURE TITLE: Emergency Response Teams (ERT)

Emergency Response Teams (ERT)

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The illustration above provides an overview of how CenturyLink's Emergency Response Teams (ERT) are structured. Our processes are designed to address rapid mobilization of resources wherever and whenever needed—in the United States and internationally.

The National ERT is sub-divided into four U.S. geographical regions (Western, Central, Southern and Northeast). The corporate-level ERT has an OCONUS team component to address international events. Our teams utilize critical vendor partnerships and have pre-staged equipment ready to deploy in strategic areas.