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Transition Assistance

CenturyLink™ has worked hard to earn the trust of the General Services Administration and related agencies, and is a recognized market leader in effective and timely service transitions. We successfully completed major network transitions for numerous federal agencies using our "Design, Build, Run" methodology.

FIGURE TITLE: Transition Excellence for Government Agencies

Transition Excellence for Government Agencies

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The illustration above provides an overview of our transition process. Specific examples of our successes include:

Housing and Urban Development Information Technology Services (HUD HITS) contract:

As a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin, CenturyLink transitioned private line, ATM, ethernet and Internet protocol services from MCI, Verizon and Sprint to the CenturyLink network. The new HITS network connectivity was scheduled to be transitioned within 90 days of contract award. However, selection of the service provider accounted for nearly half of the allotted transition time, leaving only 45 days to implement the new connectivity. CenturyLink met this challenge through dynamic leadership, innovative solutions to unforeseen problems and aggressive management of scheduling variables.

Treasury Communications System (TCS) contract:

As a subcontractor to Northrop Grumman, CenturyLink transitioned frame relay and ATM services from Touch America to the CenturyLink network.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) contract:

As a subcontractor to Harris Corporation, CenturyLink is transitioning more than 3,600 FAA sites with several thousand private line circuits onto the CenturyLink network from the incumbent network.