Global Service Delivery

CenturyLink provides superior international service through a combination of CenturyLink facilities and by partnering with other international service providers.

CenturyLink International Subsidiaries are licensed as facilities-based or resale voice and data carriers. They can provide outstanding local support for your business planning, forecasting, service delivery, pricing and operations.

FIGURE TITLE: CenturyLink International Service Delivery

CenturyLink International Service Delivery

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The illustration above provides an overview of CenturyLink's strategic alliances with international service partners. A key component of our international service strategy is our commitment to direct investment in transoceanic and non-domestic transport facilities. For example, CenturyLink has POPs in European and Asian cities — such as London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Sydney. Future expansion planning includes adding additional POPs in India and the Middle East — including Dubai, Mumbai and New Delhi.

As part of our commitment to security, CenturyLink cable systems have a protected ring infrastructure with multiple landing points in California. We also have protected metropolitan area rings in London, Tokyo and Frankfurt. CenturyLink has leveraged Tier-1 carrier relationships with British Telecom, Equant, Infonet, Telstra and other outstanding international providers. Our partners currently provide service to the governments in many countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, and directly assist us in delivering quality Networx service worldwide.