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Integrated Architecture

CenturyLink™ architecture provides flexible transport and application services to agencies, providing them with a one-stop shopping experience. Customer applications — whether voice, data or a combination of the two — are all supported by a full range of Service Enabling Devices. Our devices have been selected with Class-of-Service (CoS) mechanisms, such as IP Precedence (IPP) and Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ), which are needed to enable latency and jitter-sensitive applications when combined with other data services.

FIGURE TITLE: Integrated Service Access

Integrated Service Access

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The illustration above provides an overview of CenturyLink's one-stop integrated access architecture. We offer superior access to a full range of voice and data services for all your Networx needs, including:

  • Traditional Dedicated Access (Layer 1) including satellite
  • FR, ATM and x Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) access (Layer 2) using regional and non-domestic partner agreements
  • Ethernet-integrated access (Layer 2) using Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC), CenturyLink and ELECs
  • Inter-AS MPLS access (Layer 2.5) leveraging non-domestic MPLS alliances
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Internet access (Layer 3) using the Internet
  • Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) and 3G wireless networks for end-to-end control