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Operational Support System Integration

CenturyLink™ delivers a comprehensive and secure level of support to the Networx program with our Operational Support System (OSS). The full integration of all Networx OSS is the foundation for the development and delivery of all your valuable data—including ordering, provisioning, inventory, billing and reporting. We also deploy a complete set of convenient controls, such as:

  • Access controls to manage user access to specific systems based on identification and authorization
  • Managed security services to protect the systems from outside attacks
  • Software configuration and patch management for systems applications protection
  • A robust monitoring system for managing the infrastructure

FIGURE TITLE: Networx Operational Support System Integration

Networx Operational Support System Integration

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The illustration above provides an overview of how CenturyLink's OSS delivers a tightly integrated systems model that supports both commercial and government customers today. Through a carefully designed series of Web forms and flow-through interfaces, your CenturyLink Networx Control Portal provides access to the back-end of OSS for all of your ordering and tracking needs.