A modern infrastructure delivers a unique Networx solution

Our converged communications platform, combined with the relationships and capabilities that the CenturyLink team brings to the Networx program, provide significant savings opportunities for federal agencies. We obtain savings directly from network modernization, as well as through application-level capabilities that continue to blur the lines between network services and information technology applications.

We believe that our investment in new services and capabilities sets us apart from our competition, and will allow your agency a greater range of cost savings and efficiency within the Networx program. We have developed and deployed a sophisticated range of capabilities, from dark fiber services to a portfolio of content delivery, MPLS, hosting, storage, and security services. CenturyLink delivers across the value chain today and will continue to work with the GSA to develop the next generation of network applications for your agency.

To view pricing tables for CenturyLink's Universal Contracts, please visit the Universal Contracts page. To view pricing tables for Enterprise Contracts, please visit the Enterprise Contracts page.

For more pricing details, contact your CenturyLink Account Representative or visit the GSA Networx Pricer.

Pricing Tables