CenturyLink™ Networx
About CenturyLink

A Proven Spirit of Service® Track Record

Consistent with our Spirit of Service® commitment to the General Services Administration, CenturyLink™ is responsible for several FTS Networx innovations and milestones. CenturyLink was the first to deliver on the competition promise within the FTS2001 program. In 2002, MAA contracts added an array of available web hosting services available to federal agencies, including:

  1. Multi-Tier Security Profile service
  2. Opticalwavelength services
  3. SONET private lines
  4. Secure Frame Relay and ATM services

The CenturyLink Team is a unique blend of experienced professionals who understand the GSA/FTS environment and have successfully delivered FTS services to agencies for years.

FIGURE TITLE: CenturyLink Offerings for FTS Networx Universal

CenturyLink Offerings for FTS Networx Universal

The illustration above provides an overview of CenturyLink's visionary fit for each Networx goal and objective. The foundation for our success is our state-of-the art converged services network. As a telecommunications industry leader, CenturyLink consistently challenges the competition with our interoperability, cost-effectiveness, service quality, and successful implementation of convergence. With a Spirit of Service second to none, CenturyLink will continue to provide the GSA and your agency with innovative solutions that incorporate the complete array of available Networx services.