Become a CenturyLink Networx Customer

How to Become a CenturyLink Networx Customer

To become a CenturyLink Networx customer, your agency must first select a Designated Agency Representative (DAR). The DAR is the essential link between your agency and CenturyLink when acquiring products and services from the Networx contract.

Once you select a DAR, an Appointment Letter must be written by an "obligating authority," such as agency director, chief finance officer, contracting officer or chief information officer. This letter delegates the, telecommunications procurement responsibilities of the DAR. View a sample Appointment Letter. A sample Appointment Letter is also available within the General Services Administration's (GSA's) DAR Guidelines.

After selecting a DAR and writing the Appointment Letter, follow the steps outlined below. If you have questions, contact or call the Customer Support Office at 1 866-GSA-NETWORX (1 866-472-6389)

Becoming a CenturyLink Networx Customer

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STEP ONE: Agency Submits Appointment Letter

After selecting a DAR and completing the Appointment Letter, submit it via mail, e-mail or fax to:

CenturyLink Government Services, Inc.
Networx Contractor Program Office (CPO)
Attn: Program Manager
4250 N. Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203

Fax: 703-363-3188

STEP TWO: CPO Reviews Letter

The Contractor Program Office (CPO) reviews the Appointment Letter.

STEP THREE: CPO Disposition of Letter

After reviewing the Appointment Letter, the CPO can either return it to the agency for any necessary corrections or other recommended disposition, or submit it to your CenturyLink Networx Account Consultant.

STEP FOUR: CPO Submits Letter to AC

If the Appointment Letter requires no corrections or other disposition, the Contractor Program Office will submit it to your CenturyLink Networx Account Consultant to set up your agency's account.

STEP FIVE: AC Sets Up Account

Your CenturyLink Networx Account Consultant (AC) will work with your DAR(s) to establish your agency's billing and account data (e.g. DAR profiles, Agency Hierarchy Codes) within CenturyLink's systems. Locate your agency's Networx Account Consultant.

STEP SIX: Attend Training

Once your agency's account has been established, your CenturyLink Networx Account Consultant will register and schedule the DAR(s) for formal training, if desired. The following courses are available:

DAR Training – All DARs will benefit from this eight-hour course covering Networx ordering and billing processes. Learn more

Executive Overview – CenturyLink recommends that your agency's executives attend this three-hour course which provides an excellent introduction to CenturyLink's Networx contract services, including their features and benefits. Learn more

Network Operations Training – This eight-hour course covers Networx services, operational support systems, general processes and procedures, and transition procedures. Learn more

Learn more about Networx training or select the Training Tab at the top of the page.

Sample Letters