Asynchronous Transfer Mode Service

Multi-service solutions to help you meet your agency's mission

The CenturyLink® Asynchronous Transfer Mode Service (ATMS) uses state-of-the-art networking technology that enables multi-service solutions to support your agency's applications. ATMS technology ensures that your agency's most critical traffic receives the greatest resources and the best service. The CenturyLink® ATMS is ideal for seamless integration of your agency's service delivery point sites with a broad range of bandwidth requirements and a wide variety of access architectures. CenturyLink offers a full array of industry leading features, capabilities, and interfaces for ATMS customers.


  • Delivered over the CenturyLink® national and international fiber backbone featuring robust connectivity and inherent redundancy
  • Seamless ATMS to Frame Relay Services (FRS) interworking
  • Internet Protocol(IP) ATMS features enable any-to-any connectivity that is provided via a single permanent virtual circuit at each Agency location
  • Flexible quality of service (QoS) objectives
  • Scalable port speeds from DS-1 through OC-12
  • Inverse Multiplexing over ATM 2xDS-1 to 8xDS-1
  • Reliable, performance-based Acceptable Quality Levels
  • Expert support to design, install and manage networks
  • Easy–to–manage Control Center Networx Portal
  • Ability to burst to port speed
  • Disaster Recovery Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs)
  • Redundant world-class Network Operations Centers (NOCs) and Operation Support Systems (OSS)


  • Proactive monitoring and network maintenance 24x7x365
  • Ability to prioritize traffic based on application needs using QoS
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Improves cost of ownership by consolidating different business applications on one network
  • IP enablement offers simplified, any-to-any connectivity that is provided via a single enterprise PVC at each agency location (based on configuration and location)


Supports all applications.

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