Ethernet Services

Get High Bandwidth, Proven Reliability, and Self-service Feature Functionality

CenturyLink® comprehensive Ethernet Services (EthS) directly leverage our SONET and IP/MPLS data transport backbones and access infrastructure to give your Agency increased functionality, efficiency and value. Your Agency will get best-of-breed SONET and IP infrastructure, as well as our proven performance of extending and carrying Ethernet protocol across local, metro and long haul networks.


CenturyLink® Ethernet Services include a host of valuable features and capabilities. The following are examples of some of the available features and capabilities with CenturyLink® EthS:

  • Ethernet Private Local Area Network (E-LAN) and Ethernet Private Line (E-LINE) service types
  • Supports Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Multiple EVCs per User-to-Network Interface (UNI)
  • Multiple UNI type support and access arrangements


CenturyLink® Ethernet Services offer your Agency significant benefits:

  • Choose the service option (E-LAN or E-LINE) that meets your Agency's requirements perfectly
  • QoS gives your Agency's applications the appropriate priority within the network (no undue delay)
  • Multiple EVCs per UNI deliver economies of scale
  • Reserved and shared bandwidth protection means high reliability at the best price
  • Multiple UNI support ensures the right interface is available to connect your agency's applications
  • High bandwidth provides scalability
  • Proven reliability ensures that your Agency meets its mission
  • Self-service feature functionality allows your Agency to fine tune its service
  • Added benefits specific to each Ethernet option
    • Your agency can carry any protocol over Virtual Private LAN Services that standard Ethernet is capable of supporting
    • Each Service Delivery Point can be automatically associated with the appropriate EVC in a full mesh, providing a degree of connection simplicity.


Supports all applications

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