Voice Services

High Quality Long-distance Service Over Our Highly Reliable Fiber Optic Network

CenturyLink's Voice Services (VS) makes long-distance calling a fundamental component of your Agency's telecommunications solution. No capital investment required. Your Agency can leverage its existing telecommunications infrastructure and equipment at a cost savings. When your Agency deploys CenturyLink's VS as a stand-alone product or integrated with private line/data/IP services, CenturyLink will help your Agency meet its changing communication needs.


  • Voice, virtual private network and call routing capabilities are provided by CenturyLink's robust, redundant service control point pairs
  • Reliable switch architecture with intelligent network routing
  • Fraud Prevention Management System — CenturyLink's advanced fraud systems provide early detection against potential fraud exposure, minimizing the risk to your Agency
  • Exceptional customer service
  • CenturyLink state-of-the-art fiber network
  • CenturyLink's Voice Services features include, but are not limited to:
    • Caller ID — Calling party number will be displayed based on availability as part of the SS7 network and subscribed to at the terminating location.
    • Call Screening for Users — Supports Call Screening COS Restrictions and Code Block
    • Internal Agency Account Code - Provides single stage Project Account Codes and Verified Project Account Codes so that a caller is prompted for the Account Code when a call is dialed.
    • Suppression of Calling Number Delivery – CenturyLink follows the FCC guidelines in honoring the Presentation indicator which provides for suppression of calling number delivery
    • Off-Net Information Calls – Off-net customers will be able to reach their information calls by dialing 1-800-555-1212 for Directory Assistance or through the use a CenturyLink VNS Calling card.
    • Agency Recorded Message Announcements — Your Agency will have the capability of recording and retrieving agency recorded announcements via an on-net number
    • Post Paid Calling Card Limit — Your Agency can order Post Paid Calling with a "spending limit" within a bill period
    • Operator Services – Allows Agency callers to reach English or Spanish speaking operators for domestic and non-domestic assistance, which includes TDD/TTY assistance, call completion capabilities and calling card support


  • Provides the highest quality domestic and international long-distance service, featuring high availability and call completion rates with consistent call quality
  • Provides fraud monitoring for an additional layer of control and security
  • Customer service is available 24x7x365 with industry-leading service level agreements
  • Features self-healing synchronous optional network (SONET) on a ring architecture with speeds up to 10 Gbps (OC-192)


Provides voice communications for calls where parties are beyond local PSTN calling areas. Service may be arranged as a private dedicated network for Agency-to-Agency calls or added to an existing Agency's PSTN local provider service, or a combination of these alternatives.

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    Voice Service Product Overview

    CenturyLink's Voice Services makes long-distance calling a fundamental component of your Agency�s telecommunications solution.