Content Delivery Network Service

Deliver Your Agency's Web Content Worldwide Efficiently, Rapidly, Securely, and Reliably

The CenturyLink® Content Delivery Network Service (CDNS) reduces the Internet infrastructure required to extend your agency's domestic or global Web presence, with on-demand scalability. Plus, CenturyLink's continuous monitoring controls Internet inconsistencies, ensuring timely and consistent content delivery, performance and quality of service.


The CenturyLink® CDNS efficiently expands your agency's ability to provide fast, secure and reliable Web content using the largest distributed platform in the world. Agencies will get a suite of capabilities that off-loads content from origin servers and delivers the content on their behalf. Using unparalleled IP network capability from The CenturyLink® and our subcontractor Akamai's industry-leading content delivery network, CDNS gives agencies worldwide connections through the CenturyLink® international Internet presence and Akamai's extensive global infrastructure.


The CenturyLink® CDNS provide the following comprehensive list of features:

  • Static Content Download Service – Provides fast, secure, and reliable download of content including HTML, text, video, music, etc. Content can be stored on CDNS servers deployed globally at the edge of the Internet for faster access.
  • Real-time Streaming (Webcasting) – Delivers multimedia streams in real-time. Real-time streaming content includes (but is not limited to) RealNetworks Real Media, Microsoft Windows Media, Macromedia Flash and Apple QuickTime.
  • On-demand Streaming – Hosts (i.e., provides storage for) and delivers streams on demand or when requested by Agency end users. On-demand streaming content includes (but is not limited to) RealNetworks Real Media, Microsoft Windows Media, Macromedia Flash and Apple QuickTime.
  • Encoding Services – Available for Real-time and On-demand Streaming to convert Agency content into encoded files that can be streamed to a global audience.
  • Failover – Monitors single-location Web sites (maintained by Agencies or third-parties under contract to Agencies) and redirects traffic to a CDNS server in the event of failure. This service ensures that Agency end users do not experience delays, site inaccessibility, or error messages.
  • Global Load Balancing (Redirection and Distribution Services) – Offers numerous servers with worldwide distribution to ensure that all Web requests are directed to the closest available Agency host server.

Service Levels – The CenturyLink® CDNS provides continuous monitoring to ensure high performance and quality of service. Measurements include:

Availability: The CenturyLink® CDNS leverages a highly reliable IP/MPLS network and massive Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform of 15,000 servers, 1,100 networks, and 2,500 physical locations. Load balancing and mapping software are applied at multiple levels, and this provides server redundancy throughout the infrastructure. At the enterprise level, CenturyLink continually monitors Internet status to determine the fastest, most reliable routing paths. CenturyLink's Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) is 100% for Availability.

Latency for Static Content Download: The combination of the CenturyLink® dedicated IP connectivity and Akamai's high performance platform, with route optimization, flexible caching, and delivery from the optimal edge server, ensures that CenturyLink will meet and exceed the Networx latency performance requirements. CenturyLink's AQL is < 1.5 seconds for Latency.

Time to refresh: The CenturyLink® CDNS meets and exceeds the requirement for time to refresh in its Networx contract. While CenturyLink can establish time to refresh content in five minutes or less, CenturyLink's CDNS delivers much greater and more flexible refresh levels. CenturyLink's AQL is ≤ 5 minutes for time to refresh

Time to restore (TTR): The CenturyLink® CDNS has been designed from the ground up to require minimal interface. It is a self-healing, autonomous network that facilitates CenturyLink® support of restoration requirements. The CenturyLink®AQL for TTR without dispatch is ≤ 4 hours, and with dispatch is ≤ 8 hours.


  • Performance: Dynamic, real-time mapping of the Internet to place content and applications "at the edge."
  • Reliability: Content is always available and its integrity is assured (i.e., not altered by third parties, including hackers).
  • Scalable: Instant ability to scale on demand. Web services automatically scale-up when Agency end-user requests increase.
  • Available: 100% availability SLA and real-time disaster recovery capability support continuity of operations plans.
  • Security: Protects against denial of service (DoS) attacks, and shields your agency's origin IP infrastructure.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces hardware, software and maintenance costs, which minimizes and/or mitigates the need for future build-outs.
  • Time to Deploy: Proven, rapid deployment option.


For Agencies needing to improve information availability and perceived site performance to the end user

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