Layer 2 Virtual Private Network Service

High Bandwidth, High Reliability, and Self-service Functionality

CenturyLink's Layer 2 Virtual Private Network Services (L2VPNS) are provided via a high capacity IP/MPLS core network. Several CenturyLink services, including L2VPNS, are converged under a unified IP/MPLS service suite. CenturyLink's L2VPNS are supported using Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), allowing Ethernet Layer 2, fully-meshed, secure connectivity across a metropolitan area network or wide area network. VPLS is the implementation of a LAN or bridged network environment between multiple locations.


CenturyLink's L2VPNS include a host of valuable features and capabilities. The following are examples of some of the features and capabilities available through CenturyLink:

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Multiple Ethernet Virtual Connections per UNI
  • Variable bandwidth profiles
  • Multiple UNI type support and access arrangements
  • Higher layer protocol transparency


CenturyLink's L2VPNS offer significant benefits to your Agency:

  • High bandwidth and reliability
  • Self-service feature functionality
  • Added benefits specific to each type of Ethernet. For example, since VPLS is a Layer 2 service and runs transparently to the higher layer protocols, your Agency can carry any protocol over VPLS that standard Ethernet is capable of supporting. L2VPN provisioning also allows for each SDP to be automatically associated with the appropriate EVC in a full mesh, thus providing a degree of connection simplicity.


Where an Agency wants to extend its LAN over the wide area.

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