Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS)

World-class network with managed security

CenturyLink's Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS) allows Agencies to physically and logically connect to the public Internet in full compliance with OMB's Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) initiative, as announced in November 2007. MTIPS facilitates the Government's Internet access with standard security services provided through every MTIPS connection. This "cloud-based" security is configured by CenturyLink to ensure consistent, up-to-date Internet security without forcing the Agency to maintain Internet security hardware and software on its premises.

Service Solution and Access

CenturyLink provides Agencies with a Private MPLS transport infrastructure, also known as Network-Based Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (NBIP-VPN) service, to direct traffic from the Agency's location to a secure MTIPS gateway hosted in a CenturyLink data center. As Internet traffic passes through the gateway, CenturyLink's suite of security appliances performs all of the following: Firewall policy enforcement; Intrusion Detection Prevention Services; Anti-virus/Anti-spam Management; and E-mail scanning. This means that Agency information will remain on a PRIVATE network and not enter a public network, thus providing to the Agency the protection it deserves.

NBIP-VPN Service enables aggregation and flexibility in accessing the MTIPS gateway. CenturyLink provides a variety of access methods, including dedicated TDM up to OC-192 and Ethernet up to 1 gigabit. Our architecture also provides diverse route and POP access to the CenturyLink network, virtually eliminating single points-of-failure between an Agency's location and the CenturyLink MTIPS gateway. Our architecture ensures that Inter-Agency traffic that transits the Internet will continue to flow and remain secure even if the Internet becomes unavailable due to an attack.


  • High-speed connectivity to the Internet with the same performance as CenturyLink's Networx Internet Protocol Service (IPS)
  • World-Class Event Generator architecture that works at Layer 2
  • Load sharing and dynamic re-route capabilities between TIC Portals, as well as critical access
  • Reliable, performance-based AQLs
  • Easy-to-manage Control Center Networx Portal
  • Redundant world-class Network Operations Centers (NOCs), Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and Operation Support Systems


  • Enterprise-wide private IP data service that supports video, voice and data
    Network-Based Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network-enabled security

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