Premises-Based Internet Protocol Virtual Private

High Performance, Secure Interoperability

CenturyLink's Premises-Based Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network Services (PBIP-VPNS) gives your Agency a fully monitored and managed Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) tunnel-based Service Enabling Device (SED) solution. CenturyLink's PBIP-VPNS deliver customer edge device encryption and decryption services that include a broad range of network design, engineering, security protocol enforcement and VPN tunneling technologies. These features make CenturyLink's PBIP-VPNS ideal for seamless integration of Agency service delivery point sites with a broad range of bandwidth requirements and a wide variety of access architectures. CenturyLink offers a full array of industry leading features, capabilities and interfaces for Networx PBIP-VPNS customers.


CenturyLink's PBIP-VPNS are highly reliable solutions because CenturyLink uses industry leading, state-of-the-art carrier quality integrated PBIP-VPN devices. Your Agency will benefit from high quality services derived from CenturyLink's stable, proven network platform.

  • CenturyLink's average VPN availability has been better than 99.9 percent
  • CenturyLink consistently meets or exceeds the Networx contract's Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) metrics
  • CenturyLink's PBIP-VPNS are proactively monitored 24x7x365
  • CenturyLink offers the additional capability of reporting statistical and alarm information directly to Agencies via our Web-based reporting service, the Control Center Networx Portal


  • Uses high performance Service Enabling Devices (SEDs) platforms with FIPS certification
  • VPN security is provided globally over CenturyLink's Internet Protocol Service
  • CenturyLink provides a dedicated managed security implementation team
  • Delivers high-performance, secure interoperability between diverse network architectures
  • Multiple VPN tunneling standards are used, including Layering 2 Tunneling Protocol, Transport Layer Security (TLS) formerly SSL, Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), IP-in-IP, MPLS and Generic Routing Encapsulation
  • Optional network design and engineering services are available
  • Integration of secure internet gateways for Extranet and Intranet internetworking
  • Optional Managed Tiered Security Services can be integrated with CenturyLink's PBIP-VPNS
  • Reliable, performance-based AQLs
  • Expert support to install and manage networks
  • Easy to manage Control Center Networx Portal
  • Redundant world-class network operations centers (NOCs) and systems


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