VoIP Transport Service

Accomplish Every Mission for Less with Cost-effective, Highly-reliable, High-quality Long-distance VoIP Services

CenturyLink's Voice over IP Transport Services (VoIPTS) combine the cost-effectiveness of VoIP with the traditional accessibility of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). CenturyLink's VoIPTS enhances your Agency's suite of IP telephony services by connecting customers and employees with quality, proven CenturyLink long distance service. CenturyLink's VoIPTS enables your Agency to extend its communications capability to include domestic and international long distance outbound voice calls.


Dedicated outbound long-distance VoIP calling to the PSTN on the CenturyLink National Network System. The CenturyLink National OC-192 IP backbone provides and supports:

  • Fast re-route capabilities
  • SIP and H.323 signaling protocols
  • G.711 and G.729 Codec support
  • Session Border Controller hardware for customer authentication, firewall protection and session/call control
  • Interoperation with public network dial plans
  • Interoperation with private Agency network dial plans
  • Real time transport of voice, facsimile, and TDD traffic and delivery of caller ID (ANI) when provided from the originating calling party's service provider
  • Project Account Code and Verified Project Account Code
  • CenturyLink's VoIPTS will interface with traditional telephony services by using SEDs

CenturyLink Connection

CenturyLink's VoIPTS are delivered via CenturyLink Internet Protocol Services (IPS) or Network-Based Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network Services (NBIP-VPNS), and are offered over a wide range of bandwidths, from DS-0 through OC-48.


Cost Savings: With CenturyLink's VoIPTS, your Agency can realize the cost savings of an IP-based network without the added costs of managing a premises-based SED IP/TDM conversion. Other valuable benefits include:

  • Scalable, single point access through CenturyLink's IPS or NBIP-VPNS or across the peered public Internet for both voice and data, versus multiple TDM switch trunks and a separate data connection
  • Allows multiple Agency clients to interface across a common network, eliminating the need for custom one-off solutions for Agencies
  • Fully integrated VoIP product suite for on-net calling between Government Agencies using VoIPTS
  • Leverages existing Key and PBX infrastructure
  • Provides a common communications platform between Agencies, which allows for standardization of VoIP communications

Quality: CenturyLink's IP voice infrastructure provides quality and service levels comparable to traditional TDM service. CenturyLink's VoIPTS comes with 24x7x365 network monitoring and management to ensure nearly 100 percent network uptime and real-time troubleshooting. Your Agency will receive selectable G.711 or G.729 Codec, giving it control of voice quality on a per call or service basis.


Supports voice and data simultaneously

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