Colocated Hosting Services

Your foundation for success

CenturyLink Data Center facilities, which are located nationwide, provide the basis for CenturyLink's Colocated Hosting Services (CHS).


  • CenturyLink Data Centers
    • 50,000+ square foot facilities provide cost-effective alternative to developing, deploying and staffing your Agency's own hosting. center
    • Strategically and conveniently located nationwide
    • Provide secure, reliable, scalable foundations for your Agency's success.
    • SAS 70 Type II Internal Control Standards. A Type II audit not only includes a description of controls, but also a detailed testing of the controls; our facility operations are thoroughly scrutinized and annually evaluated with results reported and published
  • Physical security
    • CenturyLink Data Centers are outfitted with biometric palm scanners and secure card-key access to collocation areas of the data center
    • All Agency equipment is kept in secure locations
    • Access requires security desk check-in
    • On-site security personnel monitor CenturyLink hosting facilities 24x7x365 via indoor and outdoor video surveillance
  • HVAC and fire suppression
    • All CenturyLink Data Centers are designed with N+1 redundant chilling/heating systems and redundant, multi-zoned fire suppression systems
    • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus systems are located throughout the raised floor area in all CenturyLink Data Centers
  • Power
    • Redundant power is available as needed
    • Designed with battery backup for uninterrupted power supply
    • Diesel generators (N+1) ensure uninterruptible power
  • Public network connectivity
    • All CenturyLink facilities are linked to the CenturyLink OC-192 IP network
    • Internet connectivity is available in three port speed types:
      • 10 Mbps
      • 100 Mbps
      • Gig-Ethernet connections
  • Private/point-to-point network connectivity
    • CenturyLink provides synchronous optical network connectivity options for access into CenturyLink's Data Centers at DS-1, DS-3 and optical connectivity speeds supporting either voice or data traffic
  • Add-on product options
    • CenturyLink proactively monitors and/or manages your Agency's Web, application, databases and operating systems remotely, as well as within CenturyLink's Data Center locations
      • Proactively manage over 80 unique applications, databases and operating systems
      • Uptime service level agreements (SLAs) for entire managed service environment
      • Monitoring features include:
  • Base monitoring (ping, system checks, fetches)
  • Process monitoring
  • Trending analysis
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Router and switch monitoring
  • Application and database monitoring
  • Custom application monitoring
    • CenturyLink's Storage Services (SS) under its Networx contract provide a suite of fully managed products and services, including storage area network and tape area network
    • CenturyLink offers a wide array of disaster recovery services, such as diverse access and business continuity planning


  • World-class facilities — features redundant architectures (N+1), state-of-the-art security systems, and best-in-class Data Center personnel and procedures
  • Savings — enjoy state-of-the art facilities without buying them; CenturyLink has made the investment, so your Agency doesn't have to
  • Flexibility — CenturyLink offers a variety of power circuit types, as well as rack and cage customization
  • Multiple Locations — available nationwide (13 centers in 10 locations)
  • SLAs — SLAs for every one of our network products and for each Data Center facility; 10-day installation SLA for space and power


For agencies electing to manage their own Web hosting platforms, while also seeking the benefits of co-locating such platforms in highly secure CenturyLink CyberCenter™ sites. CenturyLink CyberCenters™ are directly connected to the CenturyLink public backbone.

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