Customer Specific Design Engineering

Through its Customer Specific Design and Engineering Services (CSDES), CenturyLink will provide not only skilled, experienced and dedicated personnel, but also systems and applications test facilities and time-proven processes to Government Agencies. CenturyLink's CSDES include technical support for requirements engineering and change control, as well as for vendor technology analysis, systems, and applications design, vendor products assessments and selection, performance and cost benefits analysis, and systems implementation and testing of network equipment and applications.

Geographic availability

CenturyLink's CSDES are available both domestically and internationally.


CenturyLink's CSDES include a host of valuable services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Requirements Gathering, Definition, and Analysis – CenturyLink will work with Agencies to understand their requirements, and then translate them into options for network solutions or technologies.
  • Development of Specifications – CenturyLink will use the agreed-upon requirements to develop specifications to meet those requirements. This could involve hardware/software vendors, or it could remain internal to CenturyLink and the Agency if the development is done solely by CenturyLink.
  • Development and Evaluation of Alternative Technical Approaches – CenturyLink will develop alternative solutions for a given set of requirements and specifications. These alternatives will be evaluated based on cost, timelines, impact to operations, and other criteria as applicable.
  • Computer Aided Design, Modeling, and/or Simulation – Evaluation processes will include the use of computer aided design (CAD), modeling, and/or simulation.
  • Network Design Recommendations – Based upon the Agency's requirements, network architecture options, and results of testing (simulated and physical), CenturyLink will develop recommendations for network design.
  • Identification of Cost and Performance Tradeoffs – CenturyLink will work with the Agency to ensure that the appropriate costs, performance tradeoffs, operational impacts, deployment issues, and any other pertinent factors are identified.
  • Feasibility and Capacity Analysis – CenturyLink will analyze all architecture and designs for feasibility and cost of enabling the capacity. This analysis will include not only the design and engineering functions, but also long-term support (that is, operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning).
  • Preliminary Planning – CenturyLink will evaluate the Agency's current network capacity and its future needs. Based on this evaluation and the analysis of new designs and architectures, CenturyLink will develop plans to augment the network.
  • Network and Related Systems Design Validation – CenturyLink will evaluate designs and proposals using both simulated and physical testing. Network Systems Design Validation consists of several steps:
    • Design Review Teams
    • Network and System Simulation
    • Lab and Field Trials
    • Security Analysis
  • Assessment of Network Strengths, Weaknesses, and Vulnerabilities – During the planning phase, CenturyLink will identify and analyze all major components of the network. Based on this analysis, CenturyLink and the Agency will review the different options, comparing the options' strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. After the review, the Agency can then make the appropriate decision regarding deployment.
  • Development and Validation of Current Infrastructure Drawings and Schematics – As the network topology map is being created, CenturyLink will work with the Agency to get the current infrastructure drawing, schematics, and network design. Using tools and interviews, CenturyLink will validate these drawings to ensure that they correctly depict the network.
  • Validation of Service Interoperability with other Networks and Systems – As a full service network provider, CenturyLink faces the challenges of interoperability testing every day. As part of CenturyLink's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) office, our Technology Management organization runs several test and integration laboratories that are used to validate service interoperability with network components and systems.
  • Evaluation of the Impact of New Services upon Agency Networks – CenturyLink will evaluate the impact of new services on the Agency's networks through network modeling/simulation, as well as through lab or field trials if needed. Documentation from the tests and trials will ensure that future deployments are successful and sustainable.


  • CenturyLink will design, engineer and provide an effective solution for the Agency's business mission and practices.
  • CenturyLink's CSDES is task order-based, which allows the Agency and CenturyLink to have a direct Agency/provider relationship.


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    Through its Customer Specific Design and Engineering Services (CSDES), CenturyLink will provide not only skilled, experienced and dedicated personnel, but also systems and applications test facilities and time-proven processes to Government Agencies.