Dedicated Hosting Services

Customer centric in every way

CenturyLink's Dedicated Hosting Service (DHS) provides Agencies with world class hosting services that emulate the Agency's computing/IT environment without the capital investment.


  • Proactive monitoring and/or management:
    • Uptime service level agreements (SLAs) for entire managed service environment
    • Monitoring features include:
    • Base monitoring (ping, system checks, fetches)
    • Process monitoring
    • Trending analysis
    • Hardware monitoring
    • Router and switch monitoring
    • Application and database monitoring
    • Custom application monitoring
    • Management—cluster and high availability
    • Portal availability—ticketing and alarms
    • Dedicated customer service manager (CSM)
    • Server management hours—CenturyLink manages your Agency's server during the hours your Agency specifies
    • Installation and configuration services:
  • Hardware
  • Operating system
  • Applications/databases
  • Service delivery—standard, hardened improvement service delivery methodology
    • Subject matter experts—involved in every proposal and quality assurance assessment
  • Simplified invoice—one line item for all managed services
    • Certification:
  • Tier 3 Certified by the Uptime Institute – CenturyLink's Networx Data Center locations are certified at the Tier 3 level with regard to fault tolerant power, cooling compliance and site infrastructure rigor
  • SAS 70 Type II Internal Control Standards—Type II audit includes not only the description of controls, but also the detailed testing of controls; CenturyLink's facility operations annually undergo a thorough inspection and evaluation with results reported and published


  • Customized managed services solution built to meet your Agency's exact needs
  • Full accountability and ongoing consultation from your Agency's CenturyLink-dedicated CSM
  • Hosting knowledge and experience give your Agency the confidence CenturyLink can take more of your Agency's managed service needs


For agencies that outsource some or all of their server management due to resource constraints. It is ideal for an Agency that has difficulty recruiting or retaining system administrators or DBAs, or is resource-constrained.

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    Dedicated Hosting Services Product Overview

    CenturyLink’s Dedicated Hosting Service (DHS) provides Agencies with world class hosting services that emulate the Agency’s computing/IT environment without the capital investment.