Managed Network

Meet stringent mission-critical demands

CenturyLink's comprehensive, fully-featured Managed Network Services (MNS) suite provides the tools your Agency needs to meet its mission, including design and engineering, implementation and operating system configuration maintenance, fault management, real-time reporting, 24x7x365 monitoring and total Agency resource coverage for Service Enabling Devices (SEDs) certified for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) capabilities. CenturyLink offers a full array of industry leading features, capabilities, and interfaces for our Networx MNS.


  • CenturyLink consistently meets or exceeds the Networx contract's Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs) relating to the actual systems and processes used to perform the MNS functionality
  • CenturyLink's solution architecture is a combination of personnel, processes, redundant computer systems and applications designed to exceed your Agency's expectations and operate at a continuously high level
  • CenturyLink's MNS is proactively monitored 24x7x365
  • CenturyLink offers the additional capability of reporting statistical and alarm information directly to your Agency via our Web-based reporting service, the Control Center Networx Portal.


  • CenturyLink's MNS provides a reliable, robust and complete managed service solution, sized and configured to meet your Agency's needs
  • CenturyLink provides design, engineering, and maintenance expertise across a wide variety of hardware and software applications
  • Network profiling - CenturyLink creates a network inventory database that is life cycle updated.
  • Continuous network monitoring to ensure optimum performance and detect, isolate and repair faults
  • Network analysis and performance management
  • Fault management and escalation
  • Configuration management
  • Reliable, performance-based AQLs
  • Expert support to design, install and manage networks
  • Easy to manage Control Center Networx Portal
  • Ability to burst to port speed
  • Redundant world-class network operations centers (NOCs) and Operation Support Systems (OSS)

CenturyLink's MNS also includes 24x7x365 monitoring of equipment and transport links, complete fault and performance management, complete network analysis, configuration backup and online reports. The central part of CenturyLink's MNS is the in-band monitoring/management tools that allow your Agency continual access to oversee and manage network performance.


Cost effective IT and Network Management outsourcing.

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