Storage Services

Secure, scalable solutions

CenturyLink's Storage Services (SS) provide your Agency with a scalable, cost-efficient suite of data storage solutions tailored to your Agency's specific storage needs. Designed to enhance your Agency's disaster recovery strategies, CenturyLink's hard working storage solutions will not only back up your Agency's data, but also retrieve, restore and archive it. CenturyLink Storage Services are very secure, and are designed to grow with your Agency's changing needs.


CenturyLink's Storage Services are provided through CenturyLink's Storage Area Network (SAN), which includes the following features:

  • Ideal solution for large amounts of data
  • Any server in the fabric can communicate with any storage device in the SAN
  • Online configuration and management reduce maintenance impact
  • SLAs for disk availability
  • Dual or single path redundancy
  • Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) protected

CenturyLink's SS also provide backup services through CenturyLink's Tape Area Network (TAN), which includes the following features:

  • Backs up data from your Agency's servers to the CenturyLink TAN
  • Secure — limits access to those your Agency identifies
  • Reports — backup reporting is available upon request
  • Usage-based billing — based on the quantity of data (GB) backed up to tape each month
  • Offsite tape archiving — an available optional service
  • Restore SLA — time for CenturyLink to initiate a restore is 30 minutes or less


  • Availability — CenturyLink's Data Center storage and tape environments provide immediate availability of your Agency's data
  • Savings — CenturyLink's Data Centers provide cutting-edge facilities to your Agency without the need for capital expenditure
  • Technology — CenturyLink's Data Center provide the latest technologies, including best-of-breed hardware, software and equipment
  • Scalability — Your Agency can scale up or down as its data needs grow or shrink, without the need for additional capital investment
  • Free up resources — CenturyLink helps with your Agency's IT infrastructure, so your Agency can focus on its core mission.


Providing off site storage for Agencies

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