Teleworking Services

Extend your virtual reach, cost effectively

CenturyLink's Teleworking Services (TWS) enable Agency users to work remotely. CenturyLink's TWS are "bandwidth-neutral" solutions that allow remote workers to connect back to their secured Local Area Networks (LANs) and/or Internet via any available bandwidth option (dial-up, wireless fidelity (WiFi), broadband, etc.) from a single client interface. CenturyLink's TWS include options to obtain a full range of telecommunication and security services necessary to support full teleworker productivity.

Geographic Availability

CenturyLink's TWS are available both domestically and internationally.


CenturyLink's TWS provide a comprehensive listing of features, including but not limited to the following:

  • Tier 1 Basic Subscriber Capabilities – With a single click on the "Download Client" button, the Control Center Networx Portal enables the Agency mobile workforce and teleworkers to download and automatically install the CenturyLink Mobility client software.
  • Tier 2 Enhanced Custom Service – CenturyLink's TWS provide Agencies the flexibility to have CenturyLink build a CenturyLink Mobility client that is custom-tailored to fit any Agency's security and end-user requirements.
  • Authentication and Encryption Capabilities – CenturyLink's TWS enable Agency mobile or remote employees to utilize a single account at thousands of dial-up and wireless broadband Internet access locations via Agency user Internet access accounts, hosted either by CenturyLink RADIUS servers or Agency-owned RADIUS servers.
  • Training for Connection Maintenance – CenturyLink will provide a CenturyLink Mobility user guide and training for Agency teleworkers on how to establish and maintain TWS connections. This training will be Web-based or conducted at the Agency's location.
  • Compatibility with Agency Teleworker Applications and Client Software – The CenturyLink Team will work with each Agency to ensure that CenturyLink's TWS will support the Agency's teleworker applications and client software. CenturyLink Mobility is an IP-centric service that enables transmission of any IP-based communication application data and application protocol, such as MS Outlook/Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes, typically used in IP-based corporate Intranets or the Internet. CenturyLink will work with each Agency to ensure that firewall settings are correct to allow TWS remote access.


  • Facilitates continuity of operations: enables Agencies to have an in-place Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). Recent events such as the anthrax and terrorism incidents have made the teleworker a critical component of Agency COOPs.
  • Teleworkers have remote access to Agency network applications at any time from any location. CenturyLink's Teleworking service is a proven, standards-based, secure VPN support on utilizing a highly-available platform has been operational for several years.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: enables Agency teleworkers to work in an environment that reduces costs and commuting aggravation. CenturyLink's TWS provide skilled resources, networking, and security services to make Agency teleworkers highly productive from home or other remote locations.


  • Video Teleconferencing
  • Distance learning
  • Alternative work arrangements
  • Remote conferencing

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    CenturyLink's TWS include options to obtain a full range of telecommunication and security services necessary to support full teleworker productivity.