Video Teleconferencing

Extend your virtual reach, cost effectively

CenturyLink's Video Teleconferencing Services (VTS) use proven network architecture assets to deliver reliable, easy-to-use, end-to-end global video teleconferencing solutions for your Agency. CenturyLink's VTS deliver superior value, combining the right people, processes and technology; to allow your Agency to reduce travel while increasing collaboration and productivity. CenturyLink is a global leader in conferencing, with more than nine years' experience in providing video teleconferencing products and service delivery.


CenturyLink's VTS provide an extensive list of features, including but not limited to those highlighted below:

  • Attended Service – Upon your Agency's request, CenturyLink will provide a VTS attendant to monitor and help coordinate the call. Connecting into the video call, the attendant performs greetings and introductions and verifies proper conference operations, including changes to video layouts, playing media and adding/dropping sites on-demand.
  • Certification – CenturyLink will supply your Agency with video site profile forms to gather all necessary information to certify your Agency's individual locations. CenturyLink will register and provision the video sites in our database and schedule a certification test for the sites.
  • Coding Conversion (Transcoding) – CenturyLink's robust network and gateways allow easy connection to varying end-points and technologies into the same video teleconference. CenturyLink is compliant with the FTR 1080 standard and will support required compression algorithms.
  • Rate Adaptation– CenturyLink's video solution offers true transcoding, allowing Agencies with differing speeds and capabilities to participate in conferences at their highest transmission rate possible, without dropping all locations to the lowest speed capable system in the conference.
  • Security – Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) – CenturyLink's VTS incorporate security provisions in our bridging and call production facilities to protect your Agency's and CenturyLink's priority/sensitive data. CenturyLink's VTS are compliant with the capabilities described in the FTR 1080 recommendation.


  • Flexible Conference Services – CenturyLink operates mixed-protocol VTS configurations including IP, private line and ISDN-based terminations 7x24x365. This allows your Agency to leverage equipment while expanding its footprint with new transport services and service enabling devices.
  • Web-enabled VTS Management – CenturyLink provides full Agency access to this data through the Control Center Networx Portal.
  • Remote Equipment Monitoring – CenturyLink proactively monitors the technology elements that support videoconferencing to determine when devices become inoperable or incapable of supporting the application.


  • Video Teleconferencing
  • Distance learning
  • Alternative work arrangements
  • Remote conferencing

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