The backbone of the CenturyLink® fiber-optic network is built upon over 24,000 miles of TrueWave® fiber using state-of-the-art transmission equipment from Nortel, Cisco, and Ciena

Available for both Universal and Enterprise Contracts except where noted

Our Synchronous Optical Network Services (SONET) uses Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) at Optical Carrier Level 192 (OC-192) rates deployed on two separate amplifier chains to interconnect Add/Drop Multiplexers (ADMs). The protection mode used is 4F-BLSR. Other topologies can be supported using appropriate Service Enabling Devices (SEDs). The working and protection paths are installed on distinct DWDM systems for maximum redundancy.

CenturyLink® 4F-BLSR network is configured into three rings (Collector, Express and Super Express) to reduce end-to-end delay, maximize utilization and improve installation intervals. The three ring types differ in geographic footprint and in the number of cross connections required to connect points on the network.

Optical Wavelength Service (OWS) provides dedicated, transparent networks for agencies throughout the Continental United States (CONUS), as well as outside the continental United States (OCONUS), where available, on a custom-engineered basis. For example, CenturyLink supports the Transoceanic Optical Transport – Pacific (TOT-P) OWS transport for the Department of Defense. CenturyLink® OWS is implemented over DWDM equipment for intra-city and inter-city applications. OWS offers bi-directional 2.5Gbps (Optical Carrier Level 48 (OC-48)) and 10Gbps (OC-192) with high-speed, unprotected and protected wavelength options. The CenturyLink® wavelength infrastructure enables a broad range of technical capabilities and the lowest cost per unit for transport of data. Our service approach provides flexibility and can be adapted to agency architectures (ring, mesh or linear).

CenturyLink leads the industry in providing Dark Fiber Service (DFS) to the Government by providing extensive private networks totaling over 30,000 fiber pair miles and 1,000 racks of optical equipment. The CenturyLink® nationwide fiber infrastructure is monitored and maintained by our Fiber Protection Center (FPC). The CenturyLink® DFS provides Federal Agencies with the capability to acquire dark fiber with the option of providing their own opto-electronics equipment or leasing opto-electronics from CenturyLink.

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