Synchronous Optical Network

Highly reliable, secure nationwide data transport

CenturyLink® Synchronous Optical Network Service (SONET) provides dedicated duplex transmission connectivity between two or more designated end points, over which your Agency's service applications traverse at Agency-specified bandwidths. CenturyLink® SONET travels the CenturyLink four-fiber SONET Bi-directional Line-Switched Ring (4FBLSR) network to provide highly-reliable transport from DS-1 up through OC-48. Higher rate services are carried over the CenturyLink® Optical Wavelength transport network.


  • Supports speeds of OC-3 through OC-48
  • Geography is all CONUS and Hawaii
  • Automatic protection switching
  • BLSR (Bi-directional Line Switched Ring)
  • Transmuxing from higher bandwidths to lower bandwidths and vice versa
  • Standard concatenation, as well as channelized interfaces


  • Peace of mind–all connections are dedicated 100% to your agency, so there is no contention for bandwidth.
  • CenturyLink® Network Operations Center (NOC) minimizes hacking by immediately detecting any intrusion into the network
  • Ease of use–ensured by highly standardized interfaces and framing, as proven through years of CenturyLink experience

How it works

The CenturyLink® 4FBLSR network includes more than 140 SONET rings incorporating more than 1,400 add drop multiplexers. The CenturyLink network is interconnected to multiple metro networks in every major U.S. city via standard interfaces. CenturyLink has many options for delivering service in the last mile, through local access partnerships, on-net facilities and custom builds. CenturyLink has interconnection agreements and physical connectivity with CLECs, ILECs, and fiber providers to deliver outstanding service everywhere your agency requires service.


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