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Anti-virus Management Service

Get the security of comprehensive protection

CenturyLink's Anti-virus Management Services (AVMS) safeguard Agencies' public and private networks and application servers from malicious content. CenturyLink leverages industry-leading AVMS software and hardware components, so your Agency can enjoy robust antivirus safeguards, all as part of CenturyLink's comprehensive data protection service. CenturyLink's AVMS is expertly designed and engineered by our staff of certified security professionals. CenturyLink's AVMS is one of the many solutions we offer within CenturyLink's Security Services suite.


CenturyLink's AVMS provides the following features:

  • Perimeter protection, through the gateway antivirus appliance, by scanning all traffic entering/leaving your Agency's intranet.
  • Protects your Agency's application servers from viruses that could originate within your Agency's intranet.
  • Isolates suspicious files for off-line analysis, disinfection, or deletion.
  • Automatic reporting of virus disinfection or quarantine activity by the gateway or server to appropriate central management consoles; and in the case of e-mail, to the sender and recipients.
  • Automatic updating of virus definitions from a centrally controlled resource.
  • 24x7 monitoring of events (and the ability to intercede as requested by your Agency) by the CenturyLink Managed Security Services (MSS) Team's Security Operations Center (SOC).


  • Compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
  • Customized development and deployment of appropriate policies and infrastructure to protect your Agency's information assets
  • Centralized monitoring and control of perimeter and critical Agency server antivirus efforts, 24x7 from CenturyLink's SOC
  • Automatic maintenance of current virus definitions
  • Ability to rapidly respond and centrally manage a virus incident requiring application of specialized virus definition/remediation patches
  • Access to the expertise of security professionals from our Managed Security Services Team

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