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Incident Response Service

Proven incident protection and response

CenturyLink's Incident Response Service (INRS) provides your Agency with a proven, reliable set of people, processes and tools to effectively prepare for and respond to computer security incidents. CenturyLink's INRS offers a custom-engineered solution designed to help your Agency prepare for and quickly address any security event.


CenturyLink's INRS provides an extensive list of features including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Web-based, near real-time incident reporting and tracking system
  • CenturyLink's Security Operations Center (SOC) is staffed by certified security experts
  • CenturyLink's INRS complies with FISMA, FIPS199, IETF-RFC2350, US-CERT and NIST (SP) 800-61 standards
  • Detailed threat documentation records show incident information handling from beginning to end, including information that reflects new threats, improved technology and lessons learned during the event
  • Robust Security Information Management (SIM) system for correlating and detecting near real-time security threats


  • CenturyLink's SOC will follow your Agency's standard operating procedures (SOP) when responding to incidents
  • CenturyLink's highly skilled and security certified engineers are trained to triage threats and respond quickly and systematically to restore your Agency's network infrastructure after an event
  • Consistent, predictable, and effective responses to network threats limit data loss and minimize overall network disruption
  • CenturyLink's INRS provides sound documentation and recorded evidence to use for remediation activities that may require legal attention
  • Peace of mind knowing that CenturyLink as your trusted partner has a rigorously documented and tested SOP on file and is ready to respond to threats

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