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Intrusion Detection

We provide the security, safety and expertise. You focus on your core mission.

CenturyLink's Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDPS) provide your Agency with an effective deterrent to malicious attacks and end-user compliance issues that may impact the confidentiality, integrity, availability or control of your Agency's networks and computing resources. CenturyLink's IDPS leverage our experience, expertise and lessons learned to enhance and improve security techniques, such as threat signatures. This allows your Agency to focus on its core missions and service delivery to its constituents, rather than investing resources to build a data defense system. Your Agency can practice safe inter-agency communications with the confidence that Agencies protected by CenturyLink's IDPS will not harbor attacking hosts.


CenturyLink's IDPS provide an extensive list of features, including but not limited to the following:

  • CenturyLink's IDPS are based on the requisite security standards and network connectivity
  • CenturyLink provides a proven, reliable agent system for collecting intrusion information from a wide variety of sensors
  • Transmission of the encrypted information from Agency locations to CenturyLink's Security Operations Center (SOC) in near real time
  • Use of models based upon heuristics, policies, and profiles to determine attacks, their severity, and appropriate courses of corrective action
  • Immediate, automatic response to attacks in accordance with the Agency's established standard operating procedures
  • Clear, visible methods for verifying and reporting on performance metrics
  • CenturyLink has over 1,000 highly skilled professional staff to provide lessons learned, to resolve attacks or other problems, and to provide IDPS design and implementation services
  • CenturyLink has a proven track record of providing successful intrusion detection and prevention services to numerous commercial and federal customers


  • The CenturyLink team has over 1,000 professionals in its security practices group serving commercial and federal customers. CenturyLink's Managed Security Services Team includes board-certified protection professionals with many security-related certifications
  • CenturyLink deploys a SOC Security Information Management (SIM) system Agent at your Agency's premises to actively manage and monitor IDPS alerts. This toolset provides your Agency with an IDP service that identifies real alerts and bypasses most false positive alerts. CenturyLink's state-of-the-art, customized management and monitoring system enables fault resolution and aids in threat mitigation
  • CenturyLink's IDPS will support your Agency's desire to deploy gateway-based and/or host-based implementations, thus supporting most existing IDS/IDPS hardware and software in which your Agency might have already invested

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