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Vulnerability Scanning Service

Vulnerability detection and correction

CenturyLink's Vulnerability Scanning Service (VSS) enables your Agency to conduct effective and proactive security assessments of its critical network and computing components. This means your Agency can detect and rapidly correct any vulnerabilities before they are exploited. An online vulnerability management solution, CenturyLink's VSS evaluates the security of your Agency's networks, identifies real world weaknesses, and remotely provides 24x7x365 detection and protection.


CenturyLink's VSS provides an extensive list of features, including but not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive, on-demand security audit that identifies, analyzes and reports on security threats to your Agency's systems, networks and applications
  • Knowledge base of exploits updated daily from information provided through strategic relationships, and a skilled staff of dedicated security engineers
  • Scanning and auditing of the majority of commercial and open source applications on more than 200 different platforms and operating systems
  • External scans are performed by remotely probing a network for vulnerabilities that are exploitable from the Internet
  • Internal scans are performed using a scanner appliance that detects flaws exploitable from the inside of a network


  • CenturyLink's VSS helps mitigate spam, phishing, virus and malware propagation, directory harvest attacks and other e-mail-borne threats
  • Provides a manageable, scalable and repeatable process, and thus the validity and assurance that comes with third-party assessments, without the need for additional Agency personnel resources or infrastructure to be deployed and managed
  • Centralized reporting, remediation workflow, and user management, while allowing scans to be distributed throughout an organization
  • As new signatures, vulnerabilities, or product upgrades are deployed, your Agency immediately benefits from the new functionality
  • Use of the newest code ensures that tests are performed with the latest known vulnerability checks
  • Your authorized Agency contact has on-demand access to CenturyLink's VSS at any time and from anywhere with secure, browser-based access over the Internet

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