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CenturyLink Wireless® services provide you with innovative mobile communication solutions to meet your agency's wireless transmission needs. WiMAX continues to gain momentum in the industry as a broadband wireless access technology, and potentially addresses three important markets:

  1. Point-to-point back-haul
    Point-to-point systems target back-haul solutions with 20-40Mbps bandwidth capabilities aggregated over several miles using QoS capabilities.
  2. Fixed point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access
    Point-to-multipoint systems provide a potential wireless DSL fill-in solution with 20-40Mbps bandwidth capabilities per sector, per base station depending on the amount of spectrum used. QoS is supported, but the bandwidth can also be shared through oversubscription, enabling the support of many client devices from a single base station.
  3. Mobile point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access
    Mobile point-to-multipoint systems will build on the capabilities of fixed point-to-multipoint systems by adding hand-off capabilities.

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