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Cellular Personal Communications Service

Extend your virtual reach — cost effectively

CenturyLink's Cellular/Personal Communications Service (CPCS) solution brings domestic and non-domestic mobile service that includes data-optimized capabilities for the wireless user. CenturyLink offers a high quality, nationwide wireless voice and data solution.

Geographic Availability

CenturyLink CPCS is available domestically and can be used for roaming internationally.


CenturyLink CPCS solutions provide a comprehensive listing of features, including, but not limited to, those highlighted below:

  • Caller ID – The CenturyLink network can provide Caller ID for each terminating call made in the network.
  • Caller ID Blocking – Subscriber can block their number on a per call basis.
  • Call Forwarding (CF) – CenturyLink provides Call Forwarding utilizing the wireless network.
  • Call Forwarding - Unconditional – CenturyLink provides Call Forwarding unconditional to customers on the wireless network.
  • Call Waiting – Call Waiting is provided by the wireless MSC and can be turned off per call.


Robust and secure technology – Agencies enjoy minimum network down time and increased wireless information security.

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